How To Avoid 25 Blunders Made By Amateur Bloggers

Amatuer Bloggers Mistakes
Most Amateur Bloggers who fail or quit commit some fundamental mistakes which can be avoided if monitored properly

If you have just stepped into the digital market as a blogger, you need to know the fundamental mistakes most amateur bloggers make that are holding them back from success. I know these as I have gone through theses mistakes.

That’s why I have created this post to aware you about these and how to avoid them in future.

So be with me till end as you will get lot of free tips and content to download as well.

Amateur Bloggers

No Worries! Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

Do not forget that making mistakes means you are on the right path. You will screw up things at one point or another

Being an amateur blogger once, I have made all those mistakes. And the most I have learned is through those mistakes.

Therefore, whenever you fall down, stand up with the confidence that you have crossed one more step towards success.

Before getting towards the point, let me tell you that if you are interested not only in knowing the mistakes but also the tips to avoid or correct them, then do not stop in between somewhere in this article.

What You Will Learn In This Post is Not Only The Mistakes Amateur Bloggers Make                But Also Their Remedies.

Read on because I have cited all the useful tips at the bottom.

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post, if you buy from these links, I may get compensation but it will not cost you anything extra, this will be your support to run this blog for you for free.

Most Common Mistakes Amateur Bloggers Make

When you enter the world of blogging, you need to learn many technical and nontechnical tips and practices to master this job. While doing this, you are likely to make some or most of the following mistakes.

1. Amateur Bloggers Dream of Monetization Before Time

When amateur bloggers start blogging, their greatest concern is monetizing their blog. They start searching for ways or methods to monetize their blog before even building credibility and trust in their audience.

To Build Trust and Credibility Your Must Have :

  • Enough Content To Let Your Audience Know You Are an Expert In This Niche.
  • 20 to 40 Niche Articles Atleast when start reaching out for Backlinks strategies.
  • Enough Traffic To Let Your Target Companies To Accept You as viable source for their business.

Once you are successful in achieving it, start thinking of the right strategies to monetize your blog.

2. Don’t Set A Role Model

“If You Want To Be Successful in Life Model The One Who Got It”   – Tony Robbins

Often the bloggers who are unable to make their way in blogging career don’t have any set role model to follow.

Modeling the one who you wana be in Blogging is a Success Secret

Follow Their Path and Build Relationships With The and You Will Be Their One Day Too.

Find out how other successful and top bloggers have acheived their goals and how newcomers are achieving their goals.

What are their strategies, content quality and how they do the following :

  • Display and Produce Content on different medium like video, audio and in writing.
  • Market Their Content.
  • Monetize Their Blog Especially Through Niche Specific Affiliate Products and their own products.

3. Starting in Wrong Niche

3 common mistakes which I have seen amatuer bloggers often make while selecting the niche for their blogs which gets them in trouble at the end are as follows :

Follow The Passion:

‘Blog about your passion, or blog what about your interest’. It’s a black whole phenomenon that have no grounds of success in ‘make money blogging’ or ‘blogging for business’.

Blogging for money works only when your blog does two things:

  1. Solve Genuine Problems
  2. Solve Problems for which people are willing to pay

So if you are not doing the above two things in your blog then you cannot make money.

Not Analyzing The Niche Financial Potential

You have to analyze, either my niche for blog have the potential to make enough money that can let me achieve my financial goals? If yes then go ahead if not then check the following two things to counter this:

  1. Check Capacity Of Affiliate Products You can market in this niche and go ahead only if there are many opportunities.
  2. Check are other people already making six figures or seven figures in your niche. It will show you your niche potential and an example to follow.

Hesitate To Narrow Down Niche

You must give enough consideration while choosing a niche for your blog. Some bloggers think that sticking to a specific niche will restrict their audience, they will have a narrow scope for affiliate programs to pick from, and those context-sensitive ads are few on the ground.

Though they might be right to some extent, in fact, these negative aspects can actually work for your growth in the long run.

A site with a specific niche can earn you a massive circle of dedicated visitors. You can quickly increase the return rate of your blog to more than 25% if you are specific in your niche.

“Riches Are In The Niches”

Above is a popular phrase in marketing and also in blogsphere which is 100% true.

The narrow is your niche the more wider is your profit.

For example, you can quickly sell or market affiliate products on your fitness blog specific for +40 age fat people who want to loose weight instantly than to sell same products on a general fitness blog which will have a more diverse audience.

As a blogger, you must be aware that a high return rate makes you more credible for search engines.

A few examples of niche-specific websites that are making millions are:

  1. Organic Monthly Traffic Ahrefs Estimate: 522,000 + Hits)
  2. (Organic monthly traffic is 548,000+ hits)
  3. ( Organic monthly traffic is 4.5 million + hits).

Fool Proof Niche:

To counter all these niche related problems (which I already have gone through also) I have created a fool proof niche guide.

This Guide will not only help you find a right niche for your blog but also a niche that can let you earn million dollar a year(with 100% proofs).

Click Below To Download Niche Guide



4. Focusing On Competition Than Problem Solving

After selecting a niche, a big blunder most amateur bloggers make is running blindly in the race of competition. While doing so, they forget the primary purpose of their blog.

Remember, the audience comes to your blog because they are looking for the solution to one or another problem or need some information relevant to your niche.

When you blindly follow a competitor to beat him/her in the race. You ignore the fact that all the information you are giving through your blog is already shared by your competitor. Hence, you are offering nothing different or new.

Your readers have come to your blog because they want something different from what they have already learned. And not to get the same information in a modified language and style.

Therefore, always focus on solving the problems of your readers and giving them unique information.

5. Not Defining Your USP

A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is a marketing term, which means, the unique position your blog holds in the market.

It can be defined as a feature or a characteristic specifically of your brand that sets it apart from your rivals. Various benefits of USP include:

Building Brand Recognition

After implementing USP, you can see more loyal and dedicated customers. It can help you draw the attention of your targeted customers to your extraordinary features.

Win The Competition

To beat your competitors, you need to conduct market research to find out how they are performing.

Next, you create your own USP. If you do it appropriately, your customers can differentiate you from your competitors. In this way, you can also build the confidence of new customers.

Solving Your readers’ problems

If you hit the pain points of your readers, they keep coming back to you. This problem resolving feature of your blog will inspire them to stay connected with you.

Improving your sales

Your revenue can be improved with USP because when your customers start understanding your sales strategy, they start identifying unique reasons to purchase from you.

In addition to this, if we talk specifically about a blog, there are many practical examples of such blogs that become wildly successful.

It happens because the bloggers add value to compel the audience to read their content.

Few examples of such blogs that successfully won the challenge of standing out from the crowd are;

  • Social Triggers by Darek Halpern has over 150,000 subscribers for his website about building and marketing businesses.
  • Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn is famous for building online businesses.
  • Firepole Marketing by Danny Iny earns him around $1.5 million a year through his program designed specifically for small business owners.

6. Free Domain Bait

When you are new to blogging, you may think that starting with a free domain is not a bad idea. But wait, do you know this is the mistake most amateur bloggers regret later? But why? Let me tell you. There are many reasons a free domain is not a good idea, even if you are tight on your budget.

Using a free domain is not an appreciable business practice because it looks unprofessional. It also affects your websites’ credibility.

Free domains are often associated with malware distribution. It may have a destructive impact on your business image.

Another downside associated with the free domain is uncertainty. Free domain or free hosting providers can terminate their services at any time.

This will cost you the loss of all the data.

Moreover, the worst thing is that you cannot redirect your old URL if the service is permanently shut down.

There are many other risks associated with the free domain, such as

Less Control and Customization

Free domains do not give you full access. You cannot customize your blog or website like a professional one because you do not have access to the most premium designing tools.

Moreover, you are not the owner of your website. The name will stay registered under the name of the domain or subdomain provider.

Less Monetization option

Monetization options for a free domain a very limited. For example, you can earn through affiliate programs or sponsored posts. The biggest drawback is that you cannot use Adsense for your free domain.

Other significant issues related to free domain websites are:

  • Slow website speed
  • Spam score
  • Irrelevant advertisements
  • Security Issues
  • Loss of site ownership
  • Limited bandwidth and tools, etc.

7. Trap By Free Hosting

We understand that when you are a beginner, starting with something free is very tempting. But have you ever considered why it is free? Because most valuable things come at some cost. Hence, it’s wiser to choose an affordable service provider than going for free ones.

When you choose free hosting, you are actually restricting your blog to access only a few features.

All you can get for free is minimal storage, low bandwidth, no FTP access, no premium tools, and plugins.

And you end up upgrading to the paid premium version. Then begins the real hassle of transferring your content to another provider.

It may cost you more than starting with a premium one. Moreover, you do not have ownership of your website; hence, you cannot sell it.

Hence I recommend three best paid hosting, which you can select according to your budget.

  1. BLUEHOST : For Beginners and low budget bloggers. Starts with just $8.99/month but you get 67% off on my link at just $2.95 plus a free personal domain name.
  2. SITE GROUND : Best for Bloggers who want a bit extra care and high speed and a medium budget level. Starts with $14.99/month but you will get 53% off on my link at just $6.99/month.
  3. WPENGINE: Best For Bloggers who want premium hosting services that can also manage huge traffic, data, vast video content and high resolution graphics, heavy e-commerce sites along with their blog.

Starts from $30/month but from my link you will get $25/Month. And not only this you will also get A Free Domain plus Free Genesis Framework worth$150 including Free 35 Genesis paid themes worth $50+ each theme.

8. Leaving Your Site Unsecure

Securing your website is a crucially important aspect that some amateur bloggers ignore. It makes their blogs prone to the risk of an escalation of malware.

Web security keeps hackers from accessing your sensitive information and cyber theft.

In addition to this, if your website is not secured through a proactive security strategy, you will lose your business reputation and drop your revenue.

Website security helps avoid spoofing and prevents customer data exploitation.

Another extremely harmful threat of having an unsecured site is that there are chances Google will put it on the blacklist, and in that case, you may lose 95% of your visitors.

Have you ever got the warning message, “This website may harm your computer”?

Most of us prefer to avoid opening such pages. This is what happens to your website when it is not secured. Why do most visitors avoid using unsecured websites? Because hacked websites are used for retargeting your customers.

9. Unappealing Blog Design

“ First impression is the last impression.”

You have to design and layout your blog in such a manner that leaves a long-lasting good impression on the visitor.

There are hundreds and thousands of blogs, and if you want your blog to stand out amongst them, it should have an appealing design.

The quality content is vital to build audience and increase the traffic,but how a blogger presents that content is inevitable.

The appealing design must have a subtle background, attractive templates, layouts, textures, and skins that make the readers comfortable reading the content and recommending it to friends.

The Blog visuals, such as images and infographics, increase the reader’s engagement.

The visuals emphasize that your blog is legitimate and backed with research.

The blog design also affects the loading speed. The average load time for any blog is 2 seconds. If it is taking more than that, the reader will move forward to another blog.

Follow Some Golden Rules to Make A Good Design

If you want your blog to be successful you should keep in mind some basic principles that make a good design for your website as follows :

An appealing blog design must :

  • Mobile Responsive as Google prefer in ranking and displaying these blogs over non mobile responsive design.
  • Use Friendly and professional blog themes.

If you don’t want to spent money on buying an expensive theme then Here are my best free wordpress themes which provide you most of the paid features for free

The above themes are highly customizable and best for Blogging.

If you are not satisfied with free their free version you can buy the paid one.

And if you are looking for a best and premium paid themes for Blogging often used by six figures bloggers then Here are the best paid themes:

  • Blog Design Must be User Friendly and Easy To Navigate
  • Easily Readable with Visible Colors and Content
  • Have Eye Catching and Attractive Images and Outlook
  • Uncluttered and Vivid Finding and Reading Content

Avoid These Mistakes to Mess Up Your Blog’s Design

Avoid being amateur blogger and refrain from following mistakes.

  • Weird colors in the background and unreadable font size.
  • Cluttered page with too many elements
  • No mobile optimization
  • Unclickable links and buttons
  • Poor content quality and writing
  • No call to action pages


10. Taking SEO Lighter

One of the common mistakes which we all as amateur bloggers make is ignore the importance of SEO on our blog. Without SEO optimization we can’t get organic traffic or Google traffic.

Blog SEO is continuous process and for new blog to Rank on Google it usually takes 6 to 12 months that’s why often bloggers fail to be consistent as they are not fully aware of its process and how it’s work.

Basically SEO consists of two parts:

  1. ON PAGE SEO : It deals with on page optimization(including all your pages, posts and blog design) of your blog for top Google Rankings and Blog Search.

The main elements to learn for On Page SEO are:

Keywords : Includes, researching and placing selected Keywords in your blog content which is key to rank your blog against those keywords on Google.

Initially you have to find high search, low competition keywords to easily rank on Google.

Internal Linking: Includes, interlinking your content on your blog that helps not only to Rank only targeted content but whole your blog also.

Site Map : Helps search engine to easily understand and crawl your site. You can easily add site maps to Google or any other search engine through site submission discussed below.

Site Submission: You can’t get any organic traffic unless your blog is listed on all popular search engines, so it’s inevitable to submit your blog to all popular Search engines like for Google its Google Search Console, for Bing and Yahoo its Bing Webmaster.

If you want to know more SEO , you can learn here how to take your blog on top Google Rankings and first page Blog Search.

 2. OFF PAGE SEO: It deals with all those outside marketing activities for your blog. It includes link building, influencer relationships, social out reach, community building and participation.

Link Building : Backlinks are the top most factor on Google to rank a site. Higher the Backlinks of a site higher is its domain authority and higher is the ranking of that site on Google.

To know more about building high quality back links you may check the Gurus Dean Brian and Neilpatel.

Influencers Relationships Building: Building relationships with influencers in your niche is like ‘going up through a lift’.

Imagine an establish blog with millions of traffic per month and high Domain Authority share your blog or content on its site, how much traffic boost you can get and how positively it can affect your ranking.

Same happens when influencers start sharing and linking your content but it requires long term planning and relationships strategies which I have discussed in my FREE 7 Days Million Dollar Problogging Blogging Course.

Social Media Outreach

Social media marketing plays a crucial role in off-page SEO.

Studies have proved higher ranking content and blogs also have high social shares.

From a common man to showbiz, celebrities, politicians, and community influencers all use social media, especially Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

Social media helps you reach visitors and readers, and it also allows you to befriend the media influencers and gurus. They can directly or indirectly endorse your blog by following you or mentioning you on their social media account.

Community Participation

Participation in different forums such as Quora, Reddit, etc. helps increase the rank of blog on the search engine. But the bloggers should prefer to participate in such platforms that offer do-follow links.

On Page SEO is like filling your store with variety and Off Page SEO is making a voice to visit your store. Both are essential and complement each other. No variety on store will annoy the visitors and No voice or marketing for a filled store means no visitors.



11. Avoiding Social Media Traffic

Just posting an article on the internet is not enough unless it is not effectively marketed. Like other businesses, blogging also needs to reach out to the audience through marketing, and Social Media is the easiest and cheapest way to do it.

The amateur bloggers fail to understand that Social Media has millions of users and can bring massive traffic to the blog.

Whenever a blogger publishes a new article or blog, he/she needs to promote it multiple times on social media because sharing it various times generates a strong reaction.

Use all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.

  • Use catchy headlines;
  • Ask your readers to like & subscribe to your blog and share it with friends;
  • Even if you have not written any new blog, share a piece of your old blogs with the link attached to keep your audience intact;

12. No Content Updates

Amateur Bloggers don’t update their content and blog that leave a bad impressions on the search engines showing your site is outdated. Especially Google prefer to rank fresh and updated content with Query Deserves Freshness (QDF).

So you should need to update the blog on regular intervals.

Because if the readers and returning visitors do not get new and updated content to read, they will stop visiting the site.

Update is also logically valid, For instance, the article you shared five years ago is outdated now and is replaced with new research, technology, and technique.

Also Updating your older content sometimes outperform the latest blog post on the subject.


13. Fear Investing in Tools and Plugins

If you are a blogger you must be aware of what plugins are. Plugins work as great resources to improve the functionality of your website.

The design of your website is very important and you need premium plugins for this purpose. Moreover, if you want to optimize it on search engines and protect it from scammers, you will need a paid tool.

However, there are some real gems that you can use for free but, you cannot totally depend on the free ones for design, security, and functionality of your web page.

In fact, the main difference between free and paid tools is you get the premium features which provide more value to your blog design.

The most important aspect of a paid plugin is that they come with a guaranteed support.

You can contact the authorities regarding any problem with your plugin.

Although, free plugins are beneficial but they stop working when not updated, and hence, become useless or even cause security threats to your website.

Whether you talk about Elementor, JetElements, SmartSlider3, or Divi you get the most useful features in the paid versions.

14. Avoid External Linking

According to Search engine ranking factor survey, Outbound linking and External linking are the most important factors of high ranking. Some amateur bloggers underestimate the value of these factors. And thus face the negative consequences.

Links that point to your site are important signals for search engines to send traffic.

Similarly, the outbound links serve to build trust and facilitate relationships with your peers and competitors.

15. Missing Required Pages

An appropriate web designing is very crucial for retaining traffic to your page. If your page lacks the welcoming outlook, you are bound to have an increased bounce rate.

Do not forget to pay required attention to the development of a proper structure of your website.

This will include a Homepage About Us page, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Affiliate Disclosure, etc…

16. Lack of Passion

Blogging is not something every other person can do. It needs fondness and passion. People come in this field considering it is an easy way of making money. But they soon lose their interest and hence, fail.

If you are not passionate about this job, do not plan to jump in or you will fall down badly.

17. Preferring Quantity over Quality

Amateur bloggers sometimes develop this wrong concept that stuffing their blog with content will keep them shining on the first positions.

They ignore the fact that it’s quality, not the quantity of content that will rank them high.

Dean Brian’s a six figures per month earning blogger, His Blog, is considered as a credible resource in SEO and Link Building. The reason for his success is only producing high quality valuable and problem solving content.

Therefore he only makes 1 or 2 blog posts a month but that packs enormous value for its audience.

Lesson here for you is to focus on quality and solve your audience problems with authenticity. It will not only build your credibility but also boost you blog traffic.

18. Consistency Lack

When you start getting traffic to your blog this is because people like to read you. If you will fail to keep coming back to them they are not going to wait for you there, because they have a lot more options available.

Hence, staying consistent is of crucial importance in maintaining organic traffic.

Make a content plan and content calender and make a schedule for posting at your blog at regular intervals that’s they key content marketing strategy for success.

19. Lack of Engaging Content

Many bloggers find it hard to write good content for their blog. They are not aware of the significance of writing engaging content, so they ignore it.

They start using a generic tone which makes their blogs and articles boring to the readers.

This ultimately contributes to an increased bounce rate of their website and google starts de-ranking it as a result.

Make your content engaging using different techniques; keep the sentences/paragraphs short, give proper headings and subheadings, use a conversational tone and so on.

You can read My post on “How To Write A Blog Post That Boost Your Blog Traffic to 803%”

20. Becoming A Millionaire Overnight

Instant gratification is deep-rooted in the nature of almost every human being. Whatever we do in life, we always wish to get instant results. When we fail, we become disappointed.

Another common mistake many amateur bloggers make is

‘believing that they will be millionaires overnight.’

It is quite not possible in blogging to achieve success overnight as its a real hustle not a gamble.

But once you start reaping the fruits of your hard work and consistency in blogging it becomes osam.

There are steps you need to follow or stages of success; you must go through to achieve your ultimate goal.

Likewise, bloggers need to follow the basic steps of blogging to become successful. For instance, he must start with deciding what he will blog about, decide on the blogging platform and web hosting that he will use, write good content, etc.

All these things cannot be done in a jiffy. They will surely take time. Thus, an amateur blogger needs to be patient regarding his success in blogging.

Believing or wishing to be a millionaire overnight is simply a hallucination. It can be said that many amateur bloggers hallucinate about their success in the field of blogging. When they fail, they lose patience.

They start seeing as if they have been unable to become a good blogger. They lose heart and even quit sometimes!



21. Don’t Set & Monitor Blogging Goals

Setting the right goals can lead to greater performance and success. Goals motivate you and help you align your focus.

Another big mistake amateur bloggers make is, ‘not setting their blogging goals.’

Many bloggers are not clear of their purpose; they have no idea who their target reader is.

They do not know how, when, and what to write to make their blogging successful. They simply step into the field without setting any prior goals.

Even if they set some basic goals, they fail to update and monitor them according to the interest or needs of their target audience.

The goals they set are usually not SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound).

A best tip to set and achieve goals is using incremental goal setting techniques through which you set big long term goals and then break them down to smaller milestones and target which can be easily accomplished

Thus, before making your mind start blogging, set measurable goals for yourself not to stumble. Also, make sure that you are monitoring and updating your goals frequently.

22. Jump in Without Content Planning

Right planning is crucial to successful blogging. Many amateur bloggers make the mistake of jumping in without content planning. They do not plan how to write and have no idea how to make their content engaging or effective. The bloggers are not aware of the tactics they can use to address their goals and audience preferences.

You can follow this plan to write well for your blog:

  • Find different topics for your blogs and do some keyword research.
  • Select some excellent keywords
  • Analyze around 10 articles related to your topic and make an outline
  • Start writing engaging content, keeping in mind your target readers.

Besides, bloggers do not write consistently. When they don’t see results after a few blog posts, they think to stop that blog. This is an awful mistake amateur bloggers frequently make.

If you wish to make your blogging career successful, you should consider making a yearly plan with around 100 Focus Keywords. Besides, build a 100 Content Post list and update it over time.

You should also find gap in the content and use the skyscraper technique to write the gap post that provides more value or unsolved problems or solves problems more comprehensively.

23. Amateur Approach to Email Marketing and List Building

Another major mistake amateur bloggers make is ignoring list building. List building is essential for successful blogging as it helps a lot drive quality traffic to your blog, which generates revenue for you.

It is important for bloggers to practice list building from the beginning as it quantifies your loyal readership.

Start collecting the email addresses of your readers from day one if you want to be a successful blogger.

Create valuable problem-solving content and provide it for free in the form of lead magnets.

Place lead magnets and subscription forms efficiently; use the best tools for it.

Like Optinmonstor, Lead pages, Converkit.

Not Realize List Building Power

Many bloggers do not realize the importance of an email list. Whenever a blogger publishes a new blog, the first audience who gets to know about it is the subscribers, and they bring more traffic to the blog post.

The email inbox is personal. Sharing an email with a blogger means that the reader is sharing something very personal with them and letting you reach them personally.

Secondly, the emails are targeted.The subscriber has already shown their interest in your blog, and when you send them new updates, there is a greater chance of click from their side.

The subscribers are also a lifetime audience, and the experts say that the return on investment by email marketing is higher than any other channel.



24. Don’t Ask & Share With Community

Often amatuer bloggers not participate in their niche communities and forum.

Due to this, they are unable to find the paining problems of their audience and their industry latest trends.

Moreover they are unable to share or ask their blogging community which can solve their major blogging success problems.

So you should keep discussing your plans with your niche community and influencers.

In this way you will keep getting guidance and suggestions for improving your practices.

25. Finding A Right Mentor is A Blessing

The most important thing is that you need a mentor who is capable to guide you at every step.

“A Master is the one who once was the best student of learned Master”

I am very proud to admit that I have learnt from pioneers in blogging feild such as Darren Rowse, Pat Flynn, Neilpatel, Nick Loper,  loper, Ryan Robinson, Amy Porterfield, Adam Connell to name a few.

Exciting thing is, I have put all my learnings for FREE for all my blog readers and I have complied them in a free course where you can learn:

  • Blogging Basics
  • Blogging Goal Setting
  • Finding The Right Niche which is 100% Profitable
  • Blog Design and Blog Hosting Complete Guide
  • Content Planning, SEO Content Writing and Content Hacks
  • How To Get Blog Traffic and Traffic Secrets
  • Blog Monetization and Secrets
  • Master 3 years Blog Plan to Earn Million Dollar a year

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Final Thoughts

After going through this article, you must have got enough awareness about the tips to avoid the most common mistakes that take bloggers away from their destined goals. I am quite confident that following these tips and ideas will save you from all the disappointment you had to face in the beginning of your blogging journey.

I wish I had someone like me to guide me through my way.

Do not forget to share your own mistakes in the comments especially if you like to add them in here. 

Glad To Have You Part Of My Community. Please Join My Facebook Group ‘The Dream Bloggers Group’. 



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