Easy Ways To Make Money

Easy Ways To Make Money Online

If you are looking for easy ways to make money and pocket an extra $1000 or more to your account each month by doing some profitable side hustle along with your job, studies or business or you are finding ways to work from home online than you are at the right place.

In this post I have gathered real and legitimate ways to make extra money each month to your account. Most of these ways to earn extra money are remote and flexible (that is you can perform them from anywhere and at any time).

I have gathered these side hustles in a way ranging from:

  • little efforts tasks with low earning potentials, just to let you earn extra bucks to cover your monthly expenses or debt;
  • high effort tasks leading to a full fledge business that can provide you long term income leading to much more financial independence and freedom.

It’s up to you how much time you have and how much effort you want to put in and what you want to accomplish, whatever is your goal short or long term, according to it you can choose and select from these side hustles.

Beware of Side Hustle Scams !

Before moving onto theses side businesses, I want you to beware of side hustles and make money online scams, which the scammers often put in front of you in a lustrous and luring way. 

These are mostly shared at your social media networks with slogans like learn how to get rich quick or how to double, triple or 10X your investments with no effort, ‘learn to earn $3000 a week with $100’, ‘invest: $10 to earn $100, $100 to earn $1000, $500 to earn $5000 etc.. 

All these f*cking messages and posts are just to scam you and left you behind with guilty and sorrow.

Especially now a days bitcoin or crypto currency scams are very much prevalent.

Crypto currency is still not backed by any government or regulatory authority, its highly risky to invest your hard earn money in this thing, because mostly there are frauds and scams in it..

Legit and Easy Ways To Make Money

Now coming back to my topic of legitimate and easy ways to make money online.

There are many ways to make money online, some are relatively easy ways to make money with little efforts and small earnings and some are tremendous ways to make money online that have the potential to convert into a multi-million business like one way is Starting Your Own Million Dollar Blog

I have started from the most easy ways to make money online with very little effort to earn extra money per month, next are the remote work opportunities in multiple fields and in last powerful side hustle business to let you achieve financial freedom and success.

DisclaimerThere are affiliate links in this post, if you buy from these links, I may get compensation but it will not cost you anything extra, this will be your support to run this blog for you for free.



1. Make Money From Surveys (Earnings Potential:  $10-$100 per Month )

Paid surveys are very popular side hustles among students. To earn from surveys you have to make an account on these surveys sites, then you get access for paid surveys. Usually these surveys have time duration ranging from 15 mins to 60 mins.

There are numerous sites that offer paid surveys in different categories based on your location. The Earning of survey range from $0.1 to $50 or in points that equals to some real amount for instance 1000 points for $1 or $2 etc.

You have to look for credible sites who actually pay for surveys and are not scam. These sites use these surveys as database for marketing research for different types of companies including multinational companies.

Survey sites often pay in cash or in kind as gifts like amazon discount cards, cash back discounts on certain purchases etc.

Rate of surveys depend upon the length and quality of survey, usually long surveys like 40mins to 60mins or more are paid more then short length surveys.


Here some of the most popular survey sites, some of these sites also pay for other tasks like watching videos, playing games etc.




2. Participating in Focus Groups (Earning Potential : $20 to $1000 per Month )

In contrast to paid surveys there are focus groups which require more serious participation and deeper concentration, also have relatively high earning rates($50 to $300 per participation).

These focus groups are available both online (via a chat, web cam) and offline (via phone or in person on site meeting).

Focus groups are conducted by marketing research companies. A Focus group is based on a small group of people that have been invited to share their views regarding some products or services, or various topics, to conduct marketing research and collect relevant data for different kind of companies to assist them in creating new products or services and evaluating available products or services.

Here are some of the most reputable focus group companies :

(Earnings: $10 to $140 per hour)

A very favourite and popular focus group company, available specially for US audiences but is also has selected Global presence.

Respondent not only pays you for focus group participation but also pay for referrals participants made by you.

(Earnings: $50 to $200 per participation)

Another very credible site for focus groups, available for Global but mostly US. You also get additional points for referrals.

(Earnings: $10 to $100 an hour)

A legit research facilitator and focus group research provider, available in US and Canada.

(Earnings range $20 to $75 per hour)

Fieldwork is a virtual marketing research company and serve clients in over 50 countries with major focus in US. a very reputable focus group site in US at selected locations.





3. Website and Mobile App Testing (Earning Potential : $10 to $60 per hour)

If you are tech person, you can earn by reviewing and testing new websites and mobile apps in your spare time and use it as a side income.

Website and app testing is time consuming also you may not find enough opportunities due to your profile and demographics but still it can give you a few extra bucks each month if you put your spare time with it.

Here are some of the most popular sites in this respect where you can earn upto $60/hour: 




4. Earning From Cashback Shopping Sites (Earning Potential : $10-$100 per Month)

You know you can earn from shopping online by buying through cash back sites which provide you discount in form of cash back or gifts. Once you get addicted to cash back sites you cannot resist your selves to buy from them.

These site are not a proper side hustle but still provide you incentive to save your money and also you earn for a referral in some cases.

All you have to do is to register a (free) account with normal benefits or (paid) premium account with more benefits and cash back. And then make purchase via these sites links. The popular cash back sites are as follows:

  • Quidco :is UK number one cash back site also available in France, Germany with 4500+ retailers and +10 million users. You get £10 bonus for signing up and making a first purchase and £10 for each referral customer.


  • TopCashBack: available in US, India, China and UK is one of the popular cash back site with +4700 retailers that provide almost same services as Quidco as both started in 2005.



5. Earning By Selling Your Photos or Your Photography (Earning Potential : $10 to $500 per Month)

If you have large collection of your own beautiful photos or you are photographer who can take awesome pictures then you have the opportunity to sell your photos online to earn money from it as a side hustle.

There are online websites and platforms that pay you for your photos. For instance, companies like FlickriStockPhoto or  ShutterStock or pay you royalties every time someone licenses an image you’ve submitted.

Pro Tip: You can earn in six figures per year, even per month if you have deeper knowledge and expertise in photography by creating a photography blog and earn by making money from your blog in six figures. You can checkout this photography blog which is already earning in six figures…



6. Earning By Selling Your Teaching Skills (Earning Potential : $100 to $2000 per Month)

If you have experience in teaching, or you possess teaching skills knowledge , then there are two eay ways to earn money from teaching skills online:

  1. By selling your teaching skills and knowledge as a course or in form of notes or presentation to others who want to become teachers or are already teachers but want to enhance their teaching skills by learning from others teaching skills and expertise.

A popular website in this regard is:

Teachers pay teachers: is a teaching resource site where there are over 3 million resources free and paid to help teachers in solving their teaching problems in the form of printable, worksheets, guides, courses, etc.

At this site, you can earn by selling your teaching tips or course or methodologies and get paid on every purchase.

  1. The second way is to earn by teaching, mentoring or tutoring people online via different tutoring websites. Here are popular websites in this regard:


7. Proof-reading (Earning Potential : $10 to $100 per hour)

As millions of content is daily uploaded on internet and online the demand for proof reading tasks and proof readers is also increasing.

Proof reading is the very final stage of content editing where the work of proof reader is to check for grammar and spelling mistakes along with text formatting errors. But often people and employers mix it with editing which involves more work than just checking for text errors including sentences correction and changes in whole phrases , deleting and adding words/sentences/paragraphs.

Proof reading comes into play after all editing is done, just to correct all the textual and grammatical errors.

Proof reading can be done as a remote job or as freelancer. Anyone with proficiency in English language reading and writing can become a proof reader.

Proof reading is required in various different fields like, legal proof reading with legal documents and language knowledge, cooperate proof reading and educational proof reading of books, white papers, research papers etc.

You can earn upto $500 in some cases like book proofreading and $10 per hour on word count. You can find proof reading jobs and work, at remote job sites like mentioned above or Freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork etc. Scribendi : proof reading for academics admission essays, authors. You can learn more about proof reading if you want to earn $100/hour through it.



8. Virtual Assistant (Earnings Potential : $500 to $3000 per Month)

Virtual assistant are very popular especially among startup companies and bloggers which often require virtual assistants who can work from remote locations to assist these businesses in various tasks including : administrative works, email accounts management, social media accounts management, graphic designing, replying user comments and customer services etc.

You can find virtual assistant jobs on different bloggers site or by simply e-mailing them about your virtual services along with your CV.

You can also find virtual assistant jobs on remote job sites mentioned above.

Zirtual is a Virtual Assistant site where you can find jobs at ($20/hour to $50/hour).



9. Graphic Designing (Earning Potential : $100 to $10000 per month)

If you have knowledge or expertise in any graphic designing tool like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe photoshop, Corel Draw, Sketch etc. Then you already have a vast online market waiting for you to help you earn handsome passive and active income.

Graphics are used in almost all online industries like web designing, gaming, mobile apps, softwares, e-books and e-courses etc and offline industries like construction, architecture, packaging, media and advertising etc etc.

You can work as a freelancer or as a remote employee or work at any offline firm as a full time or part time employee as a graphic designer.

For online freelancing you can check Fiverr, Upwork, 99Design, Dribble and Designhill as best platforms. And for remote jobs indeed, remote.co, flex jobs are popular.

Examples of Graphical Work:

Here are few examples of popular graphical work both offline and online:

  • Web page, Themes and Templates design;
  • Mobile Themes, Gaming Graphics;
  • Books Covers, Magazines Covers, Logos, Business Cards Designs;
  • Gaming Graphics played on gaming consoles;
  • Media and advertising graphics;
  • Book Covers, Visiting Cards, Banners, Posters, Brochures, Pamphlets Etc. Designs

Graphics designing is an Evergreen skill to earn money as side hustle both online and offline.



10. Earning From Remote Jobs/ Work From Home (Earning Potential : $500 to $5000 per Month)

Remote jobs are the jobs which you can perform from anywhere or from your home at anytime. Most of Online Businesses run 24/7 , for this, they require people living in different time zones to facilitate their customers and run their business operations smoothly, here comes the opportunities for you who can do remote jobs in your time zone with option of part time or full time while working from your anywhere.

To Get a remote job: All you have to do is to make an account on the remote job sites, upload your resume and apply for your desired job. You can choose the job according to your expertise or experience or skills. You can earn from a $20 an hour to $100 an hour based on your skills and experience.

All you need are reliable companies to work for that you can get below.

Here most reputable sites to find remote jobs are :

  • Flex jobs: A great company to find legitimate remote jobs, it’s also a great place to find a full time job from trustable recruiters from all over the world.


  • Indeed : A robust remote job platform to find job in almost any field with millions of remote members worldwide. It’s also called search engine of remote jobs.


  • Remoteok.io : Is a good job site for software development, designers, web developers, marketers and customer services.


  • Remote.co: A very credible remote job site mentioned in Forbes, Business Insider, CNN, CNBC. Remote.co not only provide remote jobs post but also educate the remote workers and freelancers on working online from remote locations and also how to get higher pay for your jobs.


  • WeWorkRemotely: Is one of the largest work from home job site with 2.5 millions visitors per month, where you can find remote job ranging from admin, tech, teaching, writing and many more feilds.


  • Remote Job Club: Its a free remote job site with a free email biweekly newsletter to inform you about latest the remote job opportunities.




11. Working With Crowd Sourcing Sites (Earning Potential : $500 to $3000 per Month)

Crowd Sourcing companies provide various small level work and job opportunities. These companies forms the bridge between employer companies and the work seekers.

You can start work by getting registered and uploading your CV on the crowd sourcing companies sites and then you are open to available jobs and tasks. Here you can select the work that best match your expertise from wide range of fields. You are paid once you complete the job or task.


There are thousands of large companies which have millions of micro works and tasks to perform for which they obviously need workers but to hire permanent workers for these tasks increase their cost of operations.

For this purpose they require remote workers which are available to them as and when required. To serve this purpose of these companies, crowd souring companies come into play which provide them per task workers and contractual remote workers like you.

Crowd Sourcing Sites are getting very popular in online business world as a outsource method to perform day to day tasks or micro projects to reduce cost by hiring remote workers on contractual basis is gaining popularity.

Crowd Sourcing Sites provide remote workers in almost every field to perform different kinds of small tasks ranging from data entry to web site development, graphic designing, brain storming, product testing etc.

You should always go for reputable companies as their are many scam companies out there which take work from you and never pay.

Here are some of the well known crowd souring sites:

  • LionBridge is one of the largest and credible crowdsourcing network with more the 1 million crowd workers worldwide, provide micro jobs in multiple industries including : financial services, manufacturing, retail, gaming, life sciences and legal services.

Crowdsource: is the most famous croud souring platform that provide tasks in copywriting, data management, transcription, content moderation including content design, graphics, video, user commenting and sentiment analysis etc.

  • Mechanical Turk by Amazon provide side hustle tasks in data entry, data cleaning, information gathering, image processing, video processing.


  • Microworkers : is similar to Mechanical Turk, provide various tasks in IT field and social media accounts management for individuals and companies.


  • Clickworker : is an alternative to microworkers, providing various kinds of task related to data creation, data correction, taking surveys, data classification.


  • Appen: is basically an Artificial Intelligence company which is also a popular crowdsourcing site which provide both long term and short term tasks and jobs including projects, micro tasks, data collection and surveys.


  • Rapidworkers: is crowdsourcing site with over 100,000 workers provides micro jobs in various online field like social media accounts management, campaigns, data entry, software testing and development, graphic designing etc.



12. Freelancing (Earning Potential : $1000 to $100k per Month)

Freelancing is the very popular and easy way to make money online as a side hustle as well as a full time work. Rather working for someone as a remote employee, you as a freelancer are free to work and serve the company or individuals of your own choice and work on the projects or task which you have got expertise and skills.

If you are an expert in anything or have any specific knowledge or skill from which other people can benefit online than you can start your own freelancing business or side hustle whenever you like and from where ever you are.

For instance you can works as: web developer, software developer, mobile apps developer, graphic designer, Fitness trainer, writer, editor, digital marketer etc. etc. there numerous fields to work as a freelancer.

There are usually two ways to earn from your freelancing business :

  1. By creating an account on popular freelancing websites and offer your services. In this case you have to pay a little commission or subscription fee to the freelancing site or it can be free if it charges only from the recruiter. Popular website in this regard are:

The shortcomings of these Freelancing networks is that you have to face the competition and you cannot charge premium price unless you are a pro or have high ratings. To counter this issue there is another way to do freelancing as below.

  1. The second way is to built your own blog website which can let you earn six figures a month and offer your freelancing services over there. In this case you have to market and promote your website to relevant audience so that you can get more traffic to your website. Here you are all in all, and you can charge premium prices for your work by providing proofs and testimonials from your satisfied customers.

Check out this free lancer earning in six figure from Freelancing by starting his own blog.

Tip: You can use both methods simultaneously in the beginning and then prioritize the second way as you get enough testimonials from way one which you can promote on your own website.


13. Earnings from Other People Skills (Earning Range: $100 to $5000 a Month)

Actually its an extension to Freelancing. You can take it as a pro tip . You can use this tip as side hustle to earn an extra $1000s a month, without doing any thing.

You can earn from other people skills by finding freelancers at minimum rates at sites like Fiverr and sell their services by your name at premium prices at sites like Upwork or your relevant customer companies at your own blog.

For instance if you provide web designing services, you can hire someone from Fiverr at $100 for a project and sell it at Upwork or your own blog at $500.


  1. You must have knowledge or experience of the work you are outsourcing from others otherwise you can face consequences.
  2. While doing this, you first have to keep in mind your credibility, you don’t have to cheat others rather you have to build your reputation by providing credible services this will not only enhance your trust among your audience but also increase your business.

14. Make Money as Content Writer and Marketer (Earning Range : $100 to $5000+ a Month)

With the growth of online economy all over the world, online content writing and marketing have occupied significance importance.

Content Writing and Marketing is a very vast field with so many sub fields and niches ranging from SEO, Blogging, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Online News Reporting, Copywriting, B2B content, B2C content and much more.

If you possess strong writing and communication skills then you can make it a side hustle or a full time business to earn Six-Seven Figures a year .

Checkout this multi-million content marketing site.

Process: To become a content writer or content marketer first you have to select a niche or topic and become its expert, then start writing valuable content on this niche topics and finally sell it on by building your own blog or write for other content marketers or media.

Here are some of the popular Freelancing sites, remote job sites and marketplace especially created for content marketers and writers.

  • Problogger JobBoard: One of the best site for Freelancing bloggers and writers to find profitable clients for their work.
  • Contently: Is popular content marketing platform for enterprises with over 140,000 freelancers (+100000 writers across the globe) and $40 million paid.

Contently provide you opportunity international companies like CNN, BBC, Guardian, Dot Dash etc. Pay rate is the highest, you can get upto $2000+ per article.

Contently is the best opportunity to test your content writing skills with international standards as to write for world class media that can earn you handsome amount.

  • Blasting News: is the largest social media news publisher also a huge employer for content writers as almost all the content is provided on the by freelancer journalists. You can earn upto $150 per article by signing up.
  • Constant Contact: is basically an Email Service Providing Company but it is a great marketplace for content writers to submit and sell their articles and can demand up to $100+ for each quality and valuable article.
  • Contena : Its one of the very popular Freelancing sites for content marketers and content writers.

Here you get opportunities from companies and individuals for content writing, editing and marketing.


15. Affiliate Marketing (Earning Potential : $100 to $10000 a Month)

Affiliate marketing is selling other people products on your website, blog, or social media account such as Facebook page, Pinterest Account or On Instagram. When customer purchase through your link you get commissions. It’s legit and widely used by people all over the world especially by multi-million bloggers such as Pat Flynn who is considered as pioneers in affiliate marketing, has earned over $10 million dollars via affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the main source of making money from your blog and there is no limit to your earnings through. It grows with your blog, as your blog traffic grows so does your affiliate income.

You can join my free blogging course to make money from your blog via a different methods including affiliate marketing, selling digital products, books, courses, advertisements etc

Starting a affiliate marketing side hustle with social media is easy, if you know the art of getting traffic to your social network or you have considerable followers.

Affiliate marketing is one of the main

Here are few tips for starting affiliate marketing on different social networks

Facebook : On Facebook the best way to do affiliate marketing is by creating a niche group , here you can promote relevant affiliate products to your group audience by defining there benefits and value it will provide them in solving their core problems regarding that niche.

Another way is to create a specific niche product reviews Facebook group or page and put affiliate links in the reviews and promote this group and page through Facebook ads and get the affiliate sales.

Pinterest : is becoming a most popular social network among online sellers and affiliate marketers. Pinterest is not only a social media platform but its also considered as visual search engine and is famous for online purchases.

Pinterest is popular for selling online as as each of the Pins carry a link which you can link to your affiliate link or product page.

Pinterest is also a great source of getting instant free traffic to your blog or website.

Here is my stepwise guide for Pinterest to generate massive traffic.


16. Make Money From Blogging (Earning Potential : $1000 to $100,000 a Month)

If someone ask me to tell only one side hustle that is enough for all side hustles, that has the potential to cover all expenses and debts, that can solve all my money problems and can evolve into a million dollar business, that one start initially along with one’s job or while staying at home or from any remote location, and than I will recommend with closed eyes only to start blogging.

Start a blog today to escape 9 to 5 and live with financial freedom.

There are cases of indebted, rejected brokenfired staying home moms, even well-paid individuals who started blogging and now are multi-million business owners with automated income streams.

Blogging is the mother of all online side hustles as all these side hustles can merge in your one blog. For instance your blog can serve as your contact identity as a specialist in your niche as a freelancer, consultant, coach, writer, digital marketer, graphic designer, trainer, etc also its a medium to sell your E-Courses, E-Products, E-books and also medium to sell affiliate marketing. Thus anything that makes money online can combine with your blog.

In a sum, there are numerous ways to make money from a blog.

A well established blog, provide you financial freedom and independence and give you control to Live your life by your own terms





17. Start A Dropshipping Business (Earning Potential: $1000 to $100,000 a Month)

Dropshipping is one of the most fascinating way to make money online. Actually it’s not a side hustle, it’s a proper online business which requires your complete attention.

Dropshipping is a kind of ecommerce business where the owner starts an ecommerce business with a e-store website using an ecommerce platform, and sell products without physically maintaining inventory of the products.

The dropshipper get products supplies from wholesale merchants and manufacturers or Dropshipping companies who are also responsible for delivering the products to the end customers. Both of the parties benefit from the process, dropshipper benefits from product sales at his e-store and seller merchants get benefits of getting sales through Dropshippers marketing.

Process: The customer orders a product at an dropship e-store by paying online , the dropshipper send the order details to its seller merchants who then deliver order to the customer in agreed time. When the customer receive the product, dropshipper pays the merchant.

There are many different forms of Dropshipping businesses which require a complete series of posts. Two of the popular ways are

  1. Building your own E-store: It’s easy to start but difficult to grow as it requires serious efforts regarding marketing your new business and getting considerable traffic to make profits. But once it’s established, you forget the hardships. Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba all started too little but now they are tycoons.
  2. Second way is to join E-commerce marketplace. The most popular are Amazon FBA program, Fullfillment Companies Shipwire etc.

They all have their own pros and cons which you can research to choose from

Here are the best platforms to start your own E-Stores:

  • Shopify : Requires no technical expertise, any one with zero tech skills can start his/her own Fascinating Dropshipping e-store in just few minutes with professional website design, various payment integration, marketing tools and much more.

Recomendation: Shopify is suitable when you have sell usually one type of products like T-shirts, Bags, etc

Can be used for few types of products but expensive for large products ranges.

  • BigCommerce: Is similar to Shopify, but with less customization and design options but it’s suitable for large product ranges as its cheaper and effective in handling large and multiple product inventories.
  • WooCommerce: is a free ecommerce platform for WordPress sites but it requires understanding of technicalities or at least you require a permanent support person to assist you in e-store operations.
  • Magento: is free similar to WooCommerce, but is more specifically designed for ecommerce businesses including ecommerce marketplaces also. It also requires support and technical assistance to rum your business smoothly.

18. Stock Investment and Online Trading (Earning Potential : $1000 to $100k a Month)

Stock investment and online trading are a continuous fields to work and join as a profession but you can also use them as a side hustle.

Both stock investments and stock trading are two different things that lie in same category that is buy and selling stocks business, but often people get confused and considered them as one, here I will explain the both.

Stock investment: Stock trading is investing in Stock market for short term it can be on intra day, daily or weekly Basis.

Stock Investment :Long-term stock investment in stocks is known as stock investing is totally different thing from stock trading. A popular strategy to do stock investing is value investing, that has been investing strategy of Top billionaires like Warren buffet, Bill Gates, etc. But this is not are topic here.

As a hustler you should go for stock trading.

Process: Stock trading is investing in real stocks in stock market by opening an account with a registered broker or firm and trade from there platform. The firm charges brokerage commissions for providing platform for trading, usually on per trade basis. You earn by trading real stocks or future stocks either by long selling(buying at low price and selling at higher price) short selling(sell at higher price and buying back at lower price). It’s a whole field to learn.

Stock trading is a lucrative thing to earn high return for your money as a side hustle as well as highly risky. There are no limits to earnings and investments if you learn the process and tools of investing and dynamics of the stock market.

You can earn from a few hundred dollars to thousands per month and also loose in the same way, a better way is to learn first and trade in demo accounts.

Start real money trading only when you feel you can really make profit now by practicing in demo accounts for a time.

Tim Sykes is one of the most inspirational investor and blogger in this category who is popular for earning $1.65 million in a day trading, he has his own blog where he teaches others how to do it.

Online CFDs trading:

This is another form of online trading but often people mix it up with traditional stock trading.

One main reason of this is the broker companies that provide both kind of trading facilities to their customers.

Here I will clear the difference in front of you.

The term CFD stands for ‘Contract For Difference’ is a form of derivative trading that allows you to trade for price movements of stocks, currencies or crypto currencies and commodities (like gold, silver etc.) without really owning them. It’s an agreement between you the buyer(investor/trader) and seller(broker a CFDs brokerage firm) where you both agree to bear the output of price difference from the start of trade to the end of trade. You earn when price moves in your favour either by selling short or long and so do the broker conversely, plus brokerage commissions in some cases.

CFD trading is totally different from stock trading and is more riskier than stock trading as the broker here provide you leverage trading options from 10 to 1000 times your investments which means if you invest $100 and leverage is 1:100 then you can trade for $10,000.

It apparently looks very lucrative and profitable but also possess high risk trap that can wipe your account in one trade only. So there is high risk with high return.

It doesn’t mean that you cannot earn money from online trading CFDs but you have to first learn things like: how to invest and how much leverage to take or not to take and what amount to trade and when and so on….

Apply your learning and concepts by trading in demo accounts and when you feel you can make profit consistently then start trading with real money by registering in same way with a CFD registered broker and create your account.

Look for reputable and only registered brokers while find one for yourself. Here are the most popular and credible CFD and stock trading brokerage firms.

  • Etoro : is a world wide recognized broker firm with registeration in Europe, Asia, Australia and USA, also mentioned at Forbes, CNBC, CNN. Provide brokerage service in CFDs and real stocks, also provide trade facility in crypto currencies.

A distinctive feature of Etoro is that it provides Copyright function to traders due to which you can copy the trade strategy of successful trader and use it for yourself. You can start your account with $200 minimum Leverage provided is upto 1:400.

Click here to start trading at Etoro(affiliate link here)

  • Plus500: is very reliable and credible CFD broker with +$1 billion dollar trade volume, with +300,000 active member, is also the most secure broker registered by FCA (UK) providing upto £85000 as insurance to investor funds.

You can start with minimum deposit of $100 and get maximum leverage is 1:300.

Affiliate link and earning Online Trading upto $800 CPA

IQ Option: is one of the largest register CFD broker with over 48 million users with 1 million daily transactions . The interesting thing about IQ option is that it provide a demo account with $10,000 to practice first and then you can open real account with only $10.


19. Domains Selling (Earning Potential : $1000-$100k per Year)

Buy and selling domains is another traditional online side hustle. Domains are also known as real estates of internet. If you want to trade domains, the best way is to first learn its pros and cons as you can loose money by randomly buying worthless domains that never sell. The underlying idea is to buy a valuable domain name for a specific audience and then wait for a suitable offer.

A better approach is to first target a market or select a niche, then research what type of domains sell in this niche that people are willing to buy and that can offer great value in terms of domain name. Preferably go for ‘short names’ ending with ‘.com’ as its internationally recognised and is the industry king.

Evaluate the domain names which you want to buy at free evaluation sites like Godaddy, free evaluator Namebio, Afternic, price them accordingly and sell them at domain popular auction sites like godaddy auctions, flippa and sedo.


20. E-Course Selling (Earning Range: $10000 – $1000k per Year)

Selling online courses can make you well rich. If you are an expert in anything, or you have specific skills or knowledge which can benefit others and provide them value by solving their problems and you can teach others how to do it. This is a great opportunity to earn and make money online, you can make a create a course upon your skills and expertise which can make others skilled and expert like you and sell it online through your own blog or website or through course selling online marketplaces.

An E-course can be composed of three types of content : videos, audio and text. Course based on more video content are more popular as they provide easy learning and implementation.

Here are the best course creating sites:

You can sell your e-course online at different course selling market places and charge competitive rates of your own.

Remember pricing often matters a lot for your customers to take decisions to buy a course or not. So always check for competitors prices, the value they provide against it and then price your course accordingly.

Tip: You can create more than one course of your skill for instance you can start from a free course to gain traction also to introduce your skills and teaching style and to teach the basics and later you can charge for a premium price for more advance course where you teach pro tips and tricks or advance methods to perform your skill or knowledge to solve problems.

Here are Popular Online Course Marketplaces site in this regard are:

Pro Tip: You can create your on blog in any niche or topic you have knowledge and sell your own courses and make six figure passive income for life time.

Check out these six figures blogs which sell online course in there niche







21. Earnings From E-books Selling (Earning Potential : $1000 to $100k per Year)

Another easy way to make money online is through selling Online E-books. With prevalence of online learning and online readings e-books have became very popular.

Online e-book buying and reading platform like Amazon Kindle has made E-books business very popular then ever, as anyone can write and sell his/her own books at these platforms. Many people are earning five to six figures even more a year by selling their own written E-books at Amazon. Amazon provides you 70% of e-book sales by selling on its platform.

Popular Ebooks Selling Platforms are:



I have tried to figure out the most effective and easy ways to make legit money online. You can use anyone of them and become an expert in it to make as many as you want to make your life financially more easier and stable. I will be keep on updating this page with more online easy ways to make money.

In the last, I want you to ask which of the way you like the most to make money, please mention in it comments below


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