Dreaming The Impossible : Make Your Impossible Dream Possible Now

Dreaming The Impossible

Have you ever wished to born to a billionaire family to have all the life Bliss that you could enjoy in that case…?


You wish to be popular personality or a Super Star having millions of fan with international fame and recognition. 


You wish to change the world with your ‘next big thing’ idea. 


You wish to change your circumstances or wish to come out of crisis either financial, health, relationship, addiction etc.


whatever might be your case, the only thing that holds you back from moving forward is your belief and thought that is

“It Is Impossible.”

But now you want to make your impossible dream possible by dreaming the impossible. That’s why you are here and reading this. I bet you after reading this you will definitely figure out whatever you were previously thinking about your  impossible dream is now possible. 

Before you go any further, I want you to write down

 “What  you are dreaming the impossible  and you want to make it possible? ”


What Is Impossible Dream and Why It Can’t be Possible?


What is Impossible? 

“Impossible is the one which you think, is not possible or you cannot make possible.”

If you analyize the above statement you will figure out the answer, Why its impossible, the answer lies in the above statement… 

Have you guess it…..???? 

If Yes! That’s great, If no then here it is, 

It is impossible because you ‘think’ it’s not possible, the actual thing which is holding it from becoming possible is :


Yes that’s it….! 

It’s your own thinking  which forms your ‘belief’ to makes things look possible and impossible. 

So What you have to do here? 

Of course you have to change your thinking or what else you have to do.. 


Change your thinking about the impossible dream and start dreaming the impossible as possible

What if? If I start thinking it so, but still my belief says ‘ I can’t do it’… 

OK.. If this is your case, then you can’t say it’s impossible, in your case you think its possible but you don’t want to do it that’s why it’s impossible… 

Right..???? OK then you should not read further as it will not help you,


Because whatever divine masterpiece you may read it will not help you in making your impossible dream possible because you don’t want it yourself to make it possible.

This post is for the those who want to bring a  change in their life & circumstances or who want to take control of their lives or who are finding solutions for something apparently impossible but they want to make it possible and for this they are ready to take actionable steps work their ass off. 

So let’s Get Started! 

The very first step in this context is  changing your thought  of ‘thinking of impossible dream ’ to  ‘thinking is as possible’. 

Once you change your thinking every impossible dream will become possible. 

The next step is

How I Can Make Impossible Dream Possible?

Yes! That’s the most relevant question to ask next. 

Now I am assuming that You are ready to change your thought or already have changed it. And you are all set to take actionable steps to achieve your impossible dream. 

Before we explore the answer consider this example:


A Life Span Example

Man may have never wished to fly in air if he had not seen birds flying, once he saw them flying, he wished the same for himself, but he soon realized that it was impossible as birds have got wings which he don’t have.

As time pass by he realized, the actual thing is flying( which he wanted to make possible) not to get the wings(which is impossible because no man has ever had it), hence it lead to the invention of aeroplanes. Since then all the people of the world  are flying. 


Five  Step Process Of Moving From The Impossible Dream To Possible

If we analyze the above example, we can break down the entire process of achieving the impossible dream in the following five steps that will take you from making the impossible possible. 


These five steps are as follows:




 (Flying Idea was invisible until the man saw the birds flying.)

Before every impossible, it’s invisible which have not yet come in anyone’s mind.

Idea is only born when something gets visible, either its in mind or its a dream. After getting the idea your mind decides whether its impossible or not.




(After seeing birds flying it became visible, idea born, but as soon as the idea clicked man’s mind, immediate response was its impossible).

Anything is possible until your mind think in the way ‘its impossible’.

But  the situation changes as you start thinking, ‘how to make it possible.’

Its only impossible unless no one does it, once its done, it become possible.




(When the man changed his thinking from ‘flying is impossible’ to ‘how to make flying possible’ the things began happening.)

Now here is where the real change begins, as soon as you change your thinking about the impossible to make it possible, things starts happening.

Its  thinking process shift from 

“it can’t be done…. to ….how it can be done”, 


“impossible… to… how to make it possible”.




(Then Man started to doing what was probable. That is started taking actions to make it possible by experimenting different things.) 

At this stage you start finding out ways to make it possible.

Here you start doing what is possible and keep on experimenting things until it becomes  possible. 

You Start moving towards the solution  get the information of how to make it possible, then take actions and keep on doing different things until you make it actual .




In our example of man, flying was invisible(until he saw birds), then  visible(after he saw birds) , then impossible(when he thought,  it can’t be done) , then possible(when he changed his thinking to how it can be done) , then probable(he started taking probable actions to make it possible) and then actual (he did it by inventing  aeroplanes.)

Now when start doing what is possible in order to achieve your impossible dream, you start moving forward towards possibilities and finally you end up in making it possible.

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you 

are doing the impossible” 

—Saint Francis of Assisi

These five steps can be applied in normal life too. 

For example, 

How many of you see ‘the car’ which you have recently bought or you are about to buy, every where on the road….? 

If you have gone through the same situation, Your answer will be ‘very often’ and ‘very frequently’. 

Why is it so..? Was that car not already present at all those places which you are seeing now.. 

Obviously it was…. 😀 But was invisible to you! As you never thought of buying it, but as soon as you decided it to buy, you started seeing it more and to really buy it you(subconsciously) followed the rest four steps. 

So this  five steps process help us easily  understand how to make your impossible, possible. 

Next I will discuss a stepwise process, through which you can make your impossible dream to possible. 



9 Key Steps Guide To Make Your Impossible Dream Possible 


“Success is created not pursued”


1.Accept The Natural Limitations 

God has created every human beings with different capabilities and interests so that they become  specialists in different fields. 

So before going further in this guide I am first mentioning limitations to this concept below:

“Every thing is possible or Nothing is Impossible for the daring ones.”

There are limitations to this concept as follows:

1.“Not Everything is Possible For You and Not You are Created For Doing Everything.” 

Consider it with examples: 

A person having legs disability cannot be a football player or do alike things but he can be a best Writer, Entrepreneur, Artist, Teacher etc. 

Similarly a blind person can’t be a foot player or a car racer but he can be a Singer, Businessmen, radio spokesman etc. 

2.No One Can Challenge Natural Impossibilities: 


  • Its impossible to escape death;

  •  Its impossible to escape aging;

  • Its impossible to escape body hunger, thirst, deceases waste etc. 

  • Its impossible to escape grief and sorrow in this world

  • Its impossible to escape uncertainties of life. 

Now keeping in mind limitations to this concept we move forward. 

If You Have Your Dream and You Feel It’s Impossible then :

Ask yourself, Why it’s impossible ? 

If your Why is valid and generalizable for everyone  like you then you have to change your direction and find another one. 

Because the impossible you trying to do is really not possible for anyone like you. This is because of natural limitations present here. 


2.Know Your Impossible Dream 

If you have a dream or goal which you see is impossible then look, have anyone did it before, if yes then it’s possible, or  in case you find no one who have did it before then you still have a chance to make it possible if it is visible as we have learn in the above 5 steps process. 

Consider the following example to understand it:

Four-minute a Mile was once considered impossible as no one has ever made it since 1954. 

It was until 6 May 1954, when Roger Bannister Made This Impossible Possible For The First Time and ran a mile in 3 Minutes 59.4 seconds since then it have been done several times by many others. 

Similarly you can find many other examples in different fields which were once considered impossible are now possible. 


3.Change Your Thinking and Belief

Once You have finalized your dream, which is visible, also don’t have any natural limitations for you then you are welcome to accept this:

‘Dreaming The Impossible  Challenge’

Now the only thing which you have to coupe with is you, yourself it consist of your belief and thinking and the commitment to achieve your big dream. 

You have to change your thinking and belief and boost your courage with a bold statement like this 

“I want to achieve my dream and I will make it possible no matter what it takes”. 



4.Acquire Knowledge To Make Your Impossible Easier

Once you are mentally prepared to achieve your impossible dream, the next step  is to get information and knowledge about your dream.


Find out  how things work?

Look for all the possible information to know more and more about your dream, and how things work. 

It is a continuous learning process which  will be keep on going until you achieve your dream goal. 


Know your starting point:

Next step is to know your starting point. For this analyize your current situation , your abilities and look for something you can build through knowledge, practice or skills in order to achieve your dream. 


Make a plan:

Make a plan from your starting point to your end goal and figure out how you can implement this plan practically and start setting small targets heading towards main dream goal. More on this explained in Next steps. 


Dreaming The Impossible :Real life Example 

She was just 16 years when she started ‘dreaming the impossible’ that she wanted to become a world champion after 3 years. It was apparently impossible which she made possible  by proving everyone wrong, right after 3 years. She  became  the first teen in history of the Canada  to win two international titles in one year. 

1.US Open Single 2019, 

2. Canadian Open Single 2019

By defeating,  the World Champion: Serena Williams for two times for both titles Bianca Andreescu  became the youngest world champion. 

Inspiring isn’t it. It is, when you truly follow your dreams with passion you become inspiration for others but first you have to pass the exam and go through all hardships  in this journey.



“There  is No Shortcuts to success 

You have to take the stairs”


5.Make A Stepwise Plan and Set Smart Goals

Next thing is to make a stepwise plan to achieve your dream, divide your dreams into smaller dreams and set smart goals ranging from yearly goals to monthly, weekly and daily along with deadlines. 

Don’t get overwhelmed!. 

The easy way to do it is to divide your dream into 5 to 10(max) bigger parts or stages on yearly basis. 

Next, plan for the first stage and don’t go for second stage until you fully accomplish first stage…. 

In this way you will not feel overwhelmed and loose your direction and will be able to stay focused. 

For instance if you want to become world champion of tennis divide this dream goal over three to five years if you are starting as a beginner. 

In 1st Year: Plan To Learn and Master Tennis Game and Play at Local Level. 

2nd Year: Play at State or National Level. 

3rd Year: Now Monitoring your performance and game and then apply for International Level Tournaments and get selected.

By succeeding in the previous stages, your 4th and 5th years are to keep focus on your dream goal and to make the impossible possible. 

See the Real Life Example of Bianca above How She achieved this dream goal in just 3 years at the age of just 19.

Note: (You must be flexible with your plans so that can make and adapt to the changes according to circumstances but that does not mean you change your whole dream goal.)


Avoid Creating a Mess:

Often people get off the path and get demotivated when they mess up things and start so many things simultaneously, plan on one big target goal at the time that is the best way to achieve your dream. 

According To Robin Sharma

Any great achievement is very hard in the beginning, messy in the middle and its beautiful at the end”.


6. Achieving Targets by Giving Deadlines

Studies have proven that productivity increases when you are given deadlines to achieve a goal especially when you enjoy your work and the goal is challenging too. 

In our case it’s our dream, why wouldn’t we love to achieve our dream and do our best to achieve it in deadline. 

You can Give Yourself a deadline like this 

“I want to become a billionaire in December 30 2029”

“I want to become a world champion in 2022”


7.Beware Of Internal & External Enemies 

Internal Enemy :

Beware of your biggest enemy! Its the devil inside you, that doesn’t want you to become the extraordinary as it requires to work hard. 

Because this devil loves  to keep itself in unproductive activities  and feels comfortable in easiness,  laziness, procrastination, time wasting, sexual desires and all unproductive activities. 

On the other hand he is always escaping the hard work, difficulties, consistency & maintain discipline.  

Moreover due to these unproductive activities, when you don’t get the results it  let you blame on external factors like environment, government, peers, spouse, partners etc etc… 

“You Have To Step On Your Devil On Each Stage To Achieve Your Impossible Dream”

The more you get to know about your inner devil the more you can plan to coupe with it. 

The self awareness of your inner evil make you more a good person if you take actions towards it correctness and purification. 

You Can Download My SELF-AWARENESS CHEAT SHEET to know your Strength And Weaknesses at a glance with link below




You have to achieve your target goals in time but at the same time you have to defeat your inner devil not to take over your goals. 


Good Signs Note : 

If you feel energetic and  motivated after failures and set backs and your belief in your self didn’t get shattered, it means you have over come your inner evil and you are on the right path to achieve success. 

External Enemies: 

Its the environment and circumstances in which you have to achieve your goals and it also include all Nay-sayers.

“Dont Listen To The Nay Sayers”

For Nay-Sayers: Simply turn deaf ear to these bull-shits. Actually these are the ones who are enslaved by their inner devils. And when they see some one  becoming successful , they simply get jealous and burned. 

And if  they are your loved ones, they may not want to see hardships on you. As they want to see your easiness but if you share your dreams with them they may then understand and become supportive. 


Keep your way clean by clearing out things:

The easy way to coupe with external enemies of environment and circumstances is to keep focusing on possibilities. 

That is looking at what you can do (the way outs) and avoid focusing on obstacles and hurdles that is to avoid things which you cannot do(the dead ends) . 



8.Accompany Your Self With Like Minded People. 

It’s a step wise process, in the beginning you may not find any like minded people with you. But still you can benefit from your ideal  personalities by reading their biographies and success stories especially of  the role models which want to become. 

Gradually when you will grow in your field you will start finding like minded people or the people who are willing to help or support you in your goals. 

Lastly you can develop relationships with the Influencers in your field such that you not let them feel competitive but as a supporter and learner and one day you will your self become an influencer. 



9.Wall Your Impossible Dream and Get Engaged With It Daily 

Finally last but the most worthful  and precious tip is to Wall Your Dream where you can see it daily. 

Don’t take it lightly as it is a proven technique of the extraordinary people who have made their impossible, possible. As they always stay focused towards their dreams through this. 

Wall your dream with an explicit deadline and a motivational quote, where you can see it daily especially when you wake up in the morning so that you can recharge your inspiration and get self motivation. 


Another way do it is:

Make a habit of doing 5 to 10 minutes dream meditation or dreaming the impossible in the morning. 

Here you close your eyes, visualize your impossible dream, feel the success of its achievement and the bliss it creates in your life. 

Finally be emotional and attached to it as closely as possible. 

Benefit: This technique will help you in multiple ways and give you enormous powers like self-motivation, perseverance etc. 

For instance it helps you stay focused on your dreams, drive inspiration, give you courage to overcome obstacles, motivates you in setbacks and failures and boost your abilities and pull you towards more hard work. 

Using this last step by following the above steps there is no such thing which can stop you from making your impossible possible. 



Every thing Is Possible If You develop this Mind-set of yourselves, it can bring remarkable changes in your life. 

Every Human is gifted with enormous powers hidden inside him, the problem is how to get awareness of those powers and then utilize those powers to bring remarkable changes in one’s life. 

The first problem with people  while aiming for impossible dream is lack of  self belief . Due to which they are never able to take-off from this stage. 

No one told them the truth or they are unable to seek right guidance, The Right thing is to have strong self belief, next setting dream goal and then get all in to make it possible. 

Next phase is to change the world after changing your own self. You can change the world only when you are able to transform yourself into the extraordinary personality. 

You become extra ordinary when you follow your dreams and achieve them successfully and make impossible, possible. 

As soon as you become the extraordinary you become inspiration for others and they start following you. 

So its up to you, do you want  remain the ordinary or you want to become the extraordinary. 

I have told you the 5 steps  process of transition from impossible to possible. I also provided you a step wise guide to how to make your impossible possible.

In the beginning I have asked you to write down your impossible dream. Now do tell me does this post help you in any form in figuring out your impossible dream. Please answers in the comments section. 

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