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He was born with a weak structure in a middle class family as a son of a farmer. He grew up as a hardworking student and got admission in Oxford University. He started taking interest in acting and got enrolled in comedy group but was knocked out due to speaking disorder.

He tried for many TV shows but got rejected multiple times because of stammering accent but he have strong self belief and he know his dream (what he want to be). He worked out upon his weakness and he came to know that stammering disappears when he played someone else character other than himself, and tried again for TV shows but this time failure were more intense.

He got rejected again due to another natural weakness that he didn’t have a good face and heroic body, no-one was willing to give him a single chance due to his in attractive personality and stammering accent.

But these failures prove a sand wall in front of his self belief, strong determination and commitment to achieve his dream, finally he proved himself in front of whole world of rejections by starting his own show Mr.BEAN which became a global success..

Yes..! He is the only Mr.Bean on planet. Today Rowan Atkinson has a net worth of $130 Million and is one of the most famous celebrities of all time.. Inspiring isn’t it, you can also become successful like him by discovering your dream and following it in the same manner. After reading this article you may get an impulse of your dream and you may become next big thing..

Almost all successful people like Mr.Bean have similar kind of biography which reveals us the top secret of dreaming big and then achieving it through strong self belief, Perseverance and hardwork.


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How Can You become one of the highly successful people in the world?What is the One Big Thumb Rule that Makes People Highly Successful.


Today I will disclose this top secret rule of success in this reading. So hang-on with me until you find it..


We often come across this question in our life in different ways: How to become as successful as that highly successful personality. We get inspired by these highly successful people who may be Enterprenuers like Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Or Celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Madona, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Jackson, or superstar sportsman like Roger Federer, Loniel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams. One secret thing they all have in common due to which they are able to acheive that enormous amount of success in their lives, thats the thumb rule for success of all highly successful people and anyone who follows that thumb rule gets assured success and will be highly successful and a super star in his profession.

Whats that top secret??? I am going to share that big thing with you in a moment, its a thought process, first discover it, believe in your selves that you can acheive it, make a plan to achieve it, take actions accordingly with perseverance and remain determined with consistent focus on that top secret until you achieve it.

Now coming to that big thing which all successful people have in common it is the universal truth. Whoever has ever find it and pursued it with self belief and determination by applying all his abilities and strengths towards its achievement, unless he/she has achieved it. Also embraces enormous success after achieving it and became an inspiration for others in any field was he/she.


Yes thats it! Its your Dream of YOUR SELF , The Great Personality that is hidden inside you that you dream to be, just you have to believe in it, listen to it and follow it with determination.

A Million Dollar Question To Ask Yourselves

Were all these BIG NAMES above, were so by birth or they become that later…???

Your answer will be ‘NO’..! And you are 100% right. Then how they acheive enormous success in their lives???

Here the right answer is they have followed their dreams and they were able to acheive them.


What Are Wishes?

Wishes are temporary desire which are fullfilled by getting that thing, it can be a instant wish Food like Mcdonald, a phone like iPhone X, a Car like Mercedes, a Vacational Trip like Huawei Island, a long term wish like Your Own House, A beautiful Women to Marry, A Good Job etc…

After Fulfilling all these wishes you don’t become successful but rather you get temporarily satisfied.. Alternatively when you are struggling to fulfill these wishes especially when you are in conditions not to fulfill them, generate negativity and pessimism which ultimately effects your personality with negative emotions like hate, anger, jealousy, violence and selfishness..

Now lets talk about Your Dreams

What Is A Dream?

A dream is that what YOU WANT TO BE, what you visionize yourself, its some thing when you think about it it drives you, it makes you charge, it gives you energy and determination, it charges your will power, it opens-up your mind, generate positivity and inspire you to move upward direction.

That is what wishes can’t do at all, but they take you in opposite direction move you downwards and make you mean, desperate, depress and tense.

Following Your Dreams will automatically fulfill your wishes but following the wishes will never get your dreams come true neither wishes too.

All those big names we think about are successful people but why? Because they discovered their dreams, they followed their dreams passionately and they were able to achieve them thats why they become successful in the eyes of not only their own selves but. also the eyes of other people.


Every Successful Personality is a story of his/her successful Dream Achievement, and you can research it by reading a biography of any Great Personality which inspires you. You will get many things to learn, and you will know it was not mere their serendipity or good luck.

Initially you have to discover it in yourself, What you want to be, What is Your Big Dream Of Life, as soon as you discover it,you have to think about it seriously and then aim it to follow it till your last breath, only then you will able to achieve it.

All you need is  strong will power and determination with a burning desire to achieve your dream. No matter how hard it comes to you, how many times you fail initially, without caring about what other people say, eliminate fears and doubts of your thought, believe in your self that you can do it.

Put in all your efforts and hard work work hard to achieve that big thing and you will definitely achieve it. All of those highly successful people have followed the same principles to achieve their top secret dream and have made them Super Stars in their respective profession.

Definitely you can also become successful like these highly successful people by discovering your dream and following it in the same manner.

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If you already know your dreams then you may not read it and go to next step of how to achieve them. A fundamental question what often people ask is that how to find our dream?? Thats a difficult question but its answer is so simple and easy. Before getting to the answer of the above question, I want to ask you some common questions as follows :

  • Are you inspired by some BIG NAMES?
  • Would you like to be Someone who is More Successful than You?
  • Are you a Big Fan Of Someone?
  • Are you inspired by a big work which you would like to do also?
  • What drives your inspiration and takes you into a dream world?



If you want to know a systematic way to find your exact dream then you must download this checklist above. It’s a million dollar worth  and its totally free for you only. By the help of the this checklist you will be able to define your dream that is is ‘What You Really Want To Be’. And You will be in the list of most successful people if you achieve it.

Give a look below to how to achieve it..


Following Steps will help you in achieving your dreams:

1.Be Realistic:

This point is very important to understand, Most of the times people set dreams for which they are not suitable or simply they won’t fit in that category because of Natural Limitations or any other uncontrollable factors..

For Example a person with a leg disability can’t be a super star football player, fighter pilot etc, why? Because The Creator has not made him/her for this work.. So nothing here to be disappointed, desperate, Your destination is somewhere else find it, search it, find your Intuition, find what you really can become.

The best way to do it is to Find successful people having similar kinds of situations which you have or at least they have some similarities with your conditions. Deeply study their lives biography and you will come to know that nothing was so easy for them to become what they are today in the eyes of others..

2. Improve Your Strengths and Weakness:

After being realistic about your self, Now find start studying Yourself deeply, Find out your strengths and weakness, and natural limitations, among these somethings are controllable and others are uncontrollable.

Improve Your controllable these are your strengths which you can focus upon and make them more strong. For example you feel you have good acting skills, now it can transform into your successful dream of one of the Top Celebrity.

Work hard on it and make it your dream to become a best celebrity actor, secondly think about your weakness, control which you can get control of and make them your strength as (Look at example of Mr. BEAN at the start of article how he convert his speaking disorders into strength of his acting) spare which are uncontrollable like a weak body or a unattractive face etc.   

3. Make Your Self Belief Strong:

This is the most important thing and the most common thing which I have found in all Most Successful People in the world and it is Self Belief, The Belief in your own self that you can do it, its your instinct, its very precious you have to hold it strongly.

If you belief in yourself and you keep in reminding it to yourself that you can do it again and again from the start of your journey to acheive your dream till the end, then you can bypass all failures no matter how hard they strike you, your self belief will lead to your success.

4. Determine Commitment and Will Power:

Once you have decided what you want to be, and you also have strong belief in yourself, next important thing is your commitment to achieve your dream success.

You have to make a strong commitment with yourself that no matter what happens I will make my dream come true. There should no compromise on this commitment. All successful people have this strong commitment and will power.

5. Ignite Your Burning Desire:

Unless you have a burning desire you cant acheive your dream success. You have to keep burning this desire by continuously focusing on your dream which inspires you, drives, make you energetic. One of the tip for keep your desire burning is by reading the biography of Successful people which inspire you a lot, it will give you energy and you will be knowing that have also faced a lot of failures but their burning desire help them overcome their failures.

6. Keep Yourself Focused:

Next important thing is to not loose your focus in this journey. You have to make checkup points to check your direction is it right? Am I moving in right direction or i m loosing it? Then realign your self to your dreams and avoid all kinds of distractions (in any form like time wasting things like social media, toxic people, irrelevant meetings and parties etc).

7. Acquire Skills To Become More Valuable 

The above six things relate to your mind, this part relates to your skills, you need to learn all those skills which are required to achieve your dream and you have to master all these skills required as you will be facing a great competition (Higher the dream Higher is the Competition and Higher are the skills Required). It requires a lot of hardwork and to work out of your comfort zone.

For Example if Your Dream is to ‘A Best Make Money Blogger’ then you must be very best at ‘Art of Blogging’ that usually consist of three things ‘ How to write Ever Green Content, Mastering Blogging Tools, Mastering all blog Marketing Techniques.

8. Embrace Patience and Perseverance:

The Last thing is patience, You have to patient and you have to make up your mind for a long term journey which is full of hardwork, repeating failures and mistakes, sacrifices. But they are there to make reach a very high destination of success that is your dream and thats why you will have to be paitient.


I have tried to figure out the thumb rule, what most successful people do to become successful that is they dream big, follow their  big dream not wishes with strong self belief, will power and determination with a burning desire to achieve their dreams which drive enormous strength and energy to keep them focus, committed, consistent and maintain perseverance and during their journey they also master their skills and abilities required to beat the competition and ultimately reach the final success dream of what they want to be..

On the other hand going after your wishes and running your life for them makes your life miserable and vulnerable, decrease your potential to live a meaningful life by limiting your constructive thought and abilities that lead towards bad characteristics like impatience, negativity, desperation, hopelessness and poverty.

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