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The Ultimate Guide To Learn, Build & Grow Your Organic & Social Traffic Through On Page and Off Page SEO Working Strategies That Increase Your Blog Google Rankings and Social Influence.

Can your dream come true? If I am not wrong, Your dream is to get financial freedom by earning millions through blogging as successful bloggers are doing so and thats why you start a blog , you choose your blog niche and start writing blog posts on it.

Now you are looking for people, your target audience, your blog traffic, you want to serve and solve their problem by teaching, coaching and selling your own products and affiliate products ultimately to achieve your dream life. RIGHT!

Same is true for me, I have similar kinds of dreams as you and you and I are of same tribe, I welcome you here.

Coming to the point how to drive traffic to your blog so that you can achieve your dream, I feel your pain, your pain is also my pain because I have gone through the same situation as your are going through it now.

I wonder how these successful bloggers make six figures per month by getting massive relevant and targeted blog traffic, what strategies they used in a step wise from beginning of their blogging career to drive tons of traffic to their blogs to reach this ultimate dream success.

Luckily I have worked it out here for you in a comprehensive manner so that after applying these techniques used by these successful bloggers you are able to drive tons of relevant and targeted traffic to your blog. Hence it increase your search engine rankings and blog search.

You will learn two basic things in this post about how to drive traffic to your blog, one is indoor or in-house and other is outdoor or outreach, as below:

How to optimize your blog for traffic generation;

How to outreach the world to promote your blog;

So lets start the show!



To improve your blog search and drive traffic to your blog you must know how to optimize it for traffic. It means you have to apply traffic generation techniques on your blog as a whole, that get you more and more traffic consistently to your blog.

In simple terms you have to engage your visitors in a way that they stay on your blog long, become your subscribers, make comments and give their opinions , share your content and make recurring visits to your blog to solve their problems so that you get consistent increase in your traffic.

How to Optimize Your Blog For Traffic?

Below I will discuss the working strategies to optimize your blog search for Google rankings and other search engine rankings.


On page SEO is optimizing your blog for search engine especially Google to get searched and ranked by it.

Why Ranking Your Blog On Google Matters

  • Google pockets more than 90% market share among all search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Ask etc… in driving organic traffic to blogs and websites.
  • It means 90% of your blog organic traffic depends on Google.
  • Google drives 8 times more traffic than all social media as a whole.
  • The average top blog gets 66.47% of its traffic from search, of which 99.77% is organic and only 0.23% is paid.
  • So these stats show that your blog cannot live without Google and you must optimize your blog for it to grow your blog and get constant traffic in order to make money and achieve your dreams.

How To Do On page SEO?

How you can perform On page SEO so that you get tons of organic traffic. Here are those premium factors by learning and applying these to your blog you will do On page SEO.

1.  Perform Keywords Research

In previous section we learned how to top ranking content in your niche with three special characteristics keywords which are as follows:

  • High Search Volume
  • Low Competition
  • High CPC

Also we discuss keywords research tools( free and paid tools) through which we can find these keywords.

Initially I will recommend to use only free tools especially Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest and make a combined analysis of these tools to find your keywords with three characteristics.

These Keywords must have the following lowest credentials:

  • Minimum Search Volume : 5000
  • Keyword Competition : Under 40
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) : $1

You have to look for Keywords that have minimum search volume of 5000, with key difficulty (keyword competition under 40) having at least $1 CPC.

Keywords Planning Strategy

Select Keywords For One Year Content:

Now we have to make a Content Plan to write top ranking content with are niche keywords for Our Blog for one year.

Initially Make an Excel Sheet for 100 keywords with above three characters and credentials for 30 to 40 posts for your upcoming blog posts and then make a editorial calender to write them accordingly.

Remember, you are writing only top ranking and quality content because you want to make your blog a Million dollar blog which can only be possible if your solve your audience problems with valuable and high quality content so 3 or 4 quality posts are enough in month for your blog with total of 30 to 40 posts a year.

By doing the above execise you are making a content plan for your blog posts so that you don’t have to ponder for ideas to write new posts every time.

This is a Pro technique of Millionaire bloggers that they have Content Plan for their Blog which they follow all the year.

  1. Strategically Place Keywords in Your Blog Posts:

Strategically place these Keywords in your content so that Google easily scan your content and rank you accordingly. These places include : Post Title or Headline, Meta description, Permalinks, Introduction and overall all in content but avoid keyword stuffing(unnecessarily adding keywords) to avoid Google penalty.

You can Use Latent Semantic Keywords (LSI) to avoid Keyword stuffing that are synonyms of your keywords as Google take them in account to understand your content and to facilitate its searchers who search same content with different words but similar search intent.

Want to know more about Keyword Research, You can learn here is a comprehensive guide Keyword Research.

2. Intra Link Your Content

When you write your posts, Link your other posts inside your posts, it will show Google that you have authority on the subject it will not only improve your this post ranking but also it will rank your other posts on Google.

Tip For Intra Linking:

  • Use target keywords for the posts you want to link to and rank for intra links instead of using ‘click here’ or alike words. The words used for linking a content are called anchor text.


1.You should use other posts Keywords in anchor text to link them in your current post that helps in SEO for those posts and get ranked in Google.

2.It will also make your visitors stay long on your blog and browse on your blog to different pages that also helps in higher rankings.

3. Use Alt Text For Images

As Visuals are very important in making your content more attractive and learnable for your visitors but you also have to optimize them for search engine as Google can’t read your images but only through its name that is called alt text. Use Keywords in alt text to name images so that you get google ranking for images according to your keywords.

4. Link Out To Top Blogs

Along with intra linking you must also link out to other influencers and top bloggers in your niche and inform them in praising way that you have linked them.

This will help you develop relationship with these influencers and you also get the chance to be get shared and back linked from these bloggers which can drive you massive traffic instantly.

Next these external links helps your ranking in Google as your site is linked to more authoritative sites with high traffic. And if you get a back link from them it becomes jubilant, you enjoy the benefits of their high referral traffic, it also improves your site authority and improves your google ranking that also result in more organic traffic.

5. Make Your Blog Platforms Responsive

Make your blog responsive to different devices (mobiles, tablet, laptop) by selecting a responsive theme as its inevitable to get ranked and drive traffic from search engine. The best 5 themes which I recommended previously do the job perfectly.

6. Increase Your Site Speed

Site loading speed counts a lot in driving traffic to your blog, if your site takes more then 5 seconds to load then there are 80% chances that you lose your all traffic due to slow speed. So its very important to monitor your site speed and loading time. I will tell you WordPress plugins and tools which you can use to analyize your site speed and loading time ultimately increase the both.

Tools To Analyze Website Speed

PageSpeed Insights by Google – This tool provide you insights on your site speed and loading help you on how to improve your loading time and speed.

Load Impact – This tool shows you your blog site speed with multiple visitors and inform you about loading speeding with traffic spikes and your host ability to handle them.

Tools To Enhance Blog Site Speed

WP-Rocket: is a powerful plugin for WordPress blogs for site speed optimization with various speed boosting features.

Wp Super Cache: is one of the most popular caching tools to boost your site speed and loading time used by over 5 million bloggers.


By applying the above strategies to your blog you will not only optimize your blog for search engine rankings but you will also be able to drive massive traffic to your blog.

If you want to dig deep and learn more search engine optimization, here you can find more about SEO in detail.


(The Foundation of all Converting Blog Traffic)

Your traffic can’t grow and your blog business can’t survive for long without an active email list.

If you want to earn money from blogging and want continuous traffic then you must have to build your Email list.

This is the most important thing which have to build from the start of your blog.

As it’s the thing about which the multi millionaire bloggers like Pat Flynn and Darren Rowse wish they would have built if they knew its importance earlier when they started their blogs. That’s why they recommend to build their email list from the start of their blogging.

Why Email List is So Important?

You may wonder why its so essential???

Well, you can decide it your self by reading below:

How Email List Empowers Your Blogging?

    • The basic purpose of your email list is to build a permanent audience for your blog which becomes your blog’s regular visitor. These are your target market which are specifically interested in solving their problems in your niche

You use your list to pitch and market readers who are your target audience to make money by

    • You use this email list to pitch and market affiliate products or your own products to make money as they are your target audience who interested to pay for the problems which they are facing in your niche.
    • With this email list you keep your audience in touch with your blog. They are continuously informed and engaged with your blog updates, your new post and products.
    • Your email list is your continuous source of income and traffic. With your email list you reach out to real and targeted niche audience at any time you want.
    • You can alert them for upcoming events where you tap the opportunity to launch your new products or pitch affiliate products.
    • Thus Without Email List you cannot even think of above benefits that are inevitable for your blog traffic and growth.

Hope you have got the point!.

What Happens If You Not Build Your Email List?

The main disadvantages of not building your email list are as follows:

  • You will not be able to take benefit of traffic coming to your blog as the visitors will come and go without remembering your blog and you cannot follow up as you will not be having any record of your blog visitors.
  • You will totally rely anonymous visitors or traffic to sale and pitch your products without having confirm targeted audience that you get in the form of your email list.
  • You will not able to update audience with your blog latest updates and activities neither they will know what’s happening at your blog nor you can create a hype event to gather them on some date to make a great product pitch.
  • Ultimately you will be frustrated with your blog that is not making money as it should because you don’t have permanent audience due to which you quit.

Hence, in short words, your blog cannot survive long without your email list.

How To Build Your Email List?

Mention on top of your blog home page and all your blog post to subscribe to your blog and visitors will subscribe it…..???

Is to so simple?

Just kidding! But its true! You have to do the same but in a wiser manner.

Use your personal experience here, when you visit your favourite blogs, you see a lot of valuable free stuff on their blogs and in their posts thats why you love their blog and often revisit because they offer you lot of their valuable content for free

But actually its not…… How?

Have you wonder how they offer you that valued content for free???

Yes now you may got it….!!You are right.. At the cost of your email.. That’s how they build their email list and in the same way you have to do so…

This free stuff offered at the cost of visitors email is known as lead magnet.

By offering Different Lead Magnets on your blog implies to your visitors that you are there to help them seriously by solving their paining problems at a personal level that’s why you are giving them your valuable content totally for free by just subscribing to your blog.

In this way you build your precious traffic generation email list.

Tools For Email Marketing & Email List Building

Email Marketing and list building services are provided by Email Service Providers Companies (ESP).

They when integrated with your blog are responsible for building your email list, audience segmentation, sending automated emails, creating landing pages for list building, sign up forms etc.

The top recommended email marketing companies for blogging are:

  • Convertkit
  • Constant Contact
  • Aweber
  • Infusionsoft
  • Get response
  • Mailchimp

Initially you can use Mailchimp to get familiar with email marketing which allows you send emails upto 2000 subscribers in free accounts.

Later when you list starts growing up you can use more advanced ESP like Convertkit or Constant Contact

Worth Examples To Understand Off Page and On Page SEO.

Both of On-page SEO and Off Page SEO are like two wheels of a bike as without wheel bike cannot run same is without any of these two your blog cannot succeed.

On Page SEO is like Renovating Your Store and Filling it will Products and Off Page SEO is marketing and advertising your store to bring customers to it.

If you have not renovated and filled your store with products and start marketing your store in this manner, the visitors will come and take a bad impression of your store and will hardly return again.

Similarly, If you renovated your store and filled it will quality products but you are not marketing and advertising it, no body will know about your store unless a call from the skies come to your visitors to visit your store. In the end you will have no sales and you will be disappointed to quit.

Hope You Have Got The Point!





Congrats! Now you have learn to optimize your blog for traffic.. As soon you will implement the above strategies on your blog it will automatically convert into a powerful traffic generation machine.

After applying the above techniques to your blog, now you have to reach out on effective traffic generating channels to drive massive traffic to your blog fast and also grow your blog and brand.

So lets start…!

This Out Reach or Out bound marketing of your blog is also known as Off Page SEO.

1. Link Building 

Link building is the oldest and most proven method to get massive traffic to your blog.

Link building is also known as getting back links to your site to improve your Domain Authority (DA). Higher the domain authority of your site higher is your site ranking.

Domain Authority shows the level the level of quality, trust and authority a site has with respect to its relevance in a subject or niche. Domain Authority (DA) score range from 1(Low) to 100(High). DA is directly proportional to Google ranking. Sites with high DA ranks usually ranks on Google first page.

DA is calculated on various factors including content quality, SEO, inbound links etc etc.

In short, the purpose of telling you about DA is to make you understand that in order to get higher rankings on Google to get continuous massive organic traffic to your blog you have to improve your DA.

In the beginning your DA will be 1 as of any beginner website, ultimately when you get back links to your site your DA starts improving so does your blog traffic.

The more early you improve your DA the more early you will be able to monetize your blog and more you will earn.

Now the BIG QUESTION is :

How To Improve Your Blog Domain Authority?

This is a Million dollar question and requires a Million dollar answer too, which I am going to give you for free…

Thanks again for taking this course if you are liking this course do share it as much as possible, it will be your refund to me…

OK Now Coming back to the above question.

For improving your domain authority, you have to get backlinks from High DA sites related especially in your niche. For this you have to do two things

I. Create Top Quality Content:

I will not discuss this point in detail here as it requires a complete post which out of our context here. But to simply put, you must have valuable content for your audience on your blog to drive traffic to, otherwise all your hardwork to drive traffic and improve search engine rankings is of no use.

II. Building Relationships With Influencers and Out Reach on Social Media.

The remaining of this post we will learn about point (2)

1. Linking With Influencers

Building strong relationships with influencers is the short cut, most powerful and instant way to grow your blog and drive tons of traffic to it. Its just like you want to climb up sky rise building through stairs and you ask someone already on the top to lift you up… Wow That’s great !

Influencers are the top bloggers in your niche, who are known as niche experts having thousands of followers and fans along with enormous traffic on their blog.

The main idea for building relationships with influencers is to get benefit of influencers blog traffic and influencers personal worth.

You have to use CBPPL

Connect > Build > Please> Pitch >Link

Tips For Linking With Influencers


  • Mention them in your posts and inform them through email.
  • Or Inform them by tagging them in your Twitter and Facebook to let them know that you have featured them or their posts in your article, in return they may re-tweet and share your post consequently driving their traffic towards you.
  • Connect with them on social media.


  • Comment on their blogs actively in a effective manner.
  • Be an active part of their community to get noticed by them.
  • Share their posts on social media and tag them.
  • Develop a friendly relationship with them.
  • Tell your story by featuring them as role model and share to them.


  • Find out ways to please them in a helping manner.
  • Be grateful if they admire your help.
  • Become their brand ambassador and share their posts and inspirations which derive from their personality and work.
  • Be there when they need you or ask you to do something for them.


  • Work on the above three seriously when you feel have develop a strong relationship with them then reap the benefits by getting your blog shared and having valuable back links from them which not only get you instant increase in blog traffic but also improve your website reputation or domain authority in the following manner.
  • Ask them for interviews, it can be in: questionnaire form, telephonic, video, podcast invitation or webinars, or live session on social media.
  • Make a posts of their interviews, share it social media and your blogging community and ask the influencers to kindly share it with their audience.
  • Often ask for quotes for your upcoming posts or pillar posts this will impact your post with expert opinion.
  • Pitch for guest post on their blogs, if you succeed will get a valuable back link to your blog and continuous relevant traffic.
  • Ask them for guest post on your blog, in this way they will most probably share it with their audience, will increase blog traffic and authority.
  • Co-Author a post with them or work with them on mutual project or product or service.


  • Only pitch when you feel they are in happy and willing mood.
  • Use the above tactics in a wiser manner and apply them according to the mood and personality of the influencers as it not make them feel overwhelming and teasing instead.
  • Be patient and be courteous even if they some time show rudeness. 


By applying the above four points you will definitely start getting High DA back links to your blog which will boost your blog DA and traffic.

Initially if you are not able to build outstanding relationships with influencers, focus on getting a guest post on their blog, which almost all top bloggers are looking for, to get a quality guest post from a blogger who knows how to write quality posts.

How To Find Influencers In Your Niche?

You can google it by searching for ‘top bloggers in (your niche name)’. Or use other specialist websites who do the job for you like :

  • Ninja Outreach (where you find 25 million bloggers, experts and Influencers for outreach)
  • BuzzSumo: Where you can find the top shared content in your niche, that is often written by influencers, also helps you find out the most engaging and shared content on social media and their authors and creators.

2. Connect With Blogging Community

The next important thing to grow your blog and drive more traffic to your blog is to be an active member of blogging community and join different forums and community in your blog niche or related niches(that’s your tribe) to your blog to build relationships with others bloggers and get knowledge of hot issues and topics circulating within them and to learn from other experiences and share your own.

In this way you help other bloggers grow and they help you grow your blog and traffic.

What Bloggers Community You Should Join?

As there are different blogging communities and forums but one who have impact and are more popular you must join them as they will help you in increasing your blog traffic and your blog growth. So here are they below:

Reddit : Reddit is the most popular communties site with forums with 330 million users, 130000 active communities and 21 billion views per month.

Find your blog niche forums by searching with your niche keywords and join them. Next after joining, you comment on different post, vote up and down and also post get response in the same way.

In this way you build relationships with other bloggers and drive traffic to your blog by linking your activities with your blog where its suitable.

Reddit drives over 3 times as much traffic to blogs as YouTube.

Triberr: Social platform for bloggers, find bloggers in your niche and similar interests, share their content more and the more you get shared also. You have to join tribes(group of bloggers having similar interests), initially you are observer who can see, comment and share others posts but as you grow old as an active member the tribe owner may promote you as a ‘full member’ where you can then share your content and get your blog traffic.

You can also create your own tribe where you are the admin and chef.

Tip: You can share your tribe with your blog audience as special access to your posts in this way engage them with you and your blog continuously.

Join Forums: You can google (‘your niche’+ ‘forum’)? to find different forums related to your niche and join them, become active, engage and drive traffic to your blog.

You can also add forums to your own blog, in this way you have the chance to build your own community, keep engaged your audience, and also remain informed with their needs and problems.

You can give access to your blog forum to premium subscribers or normal subscriptions through email as you wish.

3. Blog Commenting

Commenting on top blogs in your niche is very much important for every bloggers (especially beginners), as it helps you in three crucial ways to grow your blog aa follows:

  • Helps in building relationships with top bloggers and their audience.
  • Gives you chance to get back links.
  • Improve your in SEO (if you use keywords in comments in a natural way not spamming)
  • Increase your blog traffic if your comment is very supportive and add value.

What Blogs You Should Comment On and How?

Here are some guidelines for you on blog commenting:

  • Make a habit to Comment on blog with high domain authority.
  • The blog your commenting on should have an should have an engaged audience.
  • The blog should have a relevance with your niche.
  • Comment in the blog in a supportive and creative way that add value.
  • Select top blogs in your niche and comment on them actively especially when they post a new post be their to comment first.
  • Comment frequently and wisely that you get noticed by the blogger in order to build a relationship with it.

(Commenting one of the tip to link with influencers to achieve greater benefits later on.)

  • Comment on blogs with do follow links but no follow links also carry weight in commenting.

Still Want to learn more..?? Don’t worry, Here You can know more on blog commenting and how to find top blogs to comment and get do follow link.

4. Leverage Massive Traffic Authority Sites

This is one of the favourite tactics used by all successful bloggers including me, to join high authority sites with millions of visitors and edit them. Here are the some of the most popular of them.

  1. QUORA : It’s a question and answer site where millions of people ask or search questions on daily basis. You can answer the questions related to your niche or the topic you are expert of and at the end include a link back to your blog or your relevant blog post to the query. Answer the questions in detail and effective manner.. The more your answer is liked and appreciated the more you get traffic to your blog. And you also get the chance to build relationship with other bloggers.
  2. WIKI PEDIA : Its an encyclopedia and everyone who have an account on it can edit the articles on it. You can edit articles related to your niche and in the end put your blog link with your signature. It’s a helpful way to get authority back link, improve your site authority and blog traffic.
  3. HARO(Help A Reporter Out): It’s a website to help the media reporters to connect to relevant sources to get important and relevant Information regarding their stories. These sources can be bloggers or any other relevant companies or individuals.

The main idea is to pitch your work or yourself as an niche expert and get the attention of Popular media.

Forbes, Entrepreneurs, WSJ, Reuters, Mashable are using HARO for their source as well and imagine if you get a chance to get featured in these top media platforms, how much traffic you can drive to your blog and how it will improve your domain authority or site reputation.


The key motive is to get high quality back link to your blog from these sites, that will give a boost to your ranking and blog traffic and increase your domain authority .


You already have accounts on popular social media like Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and alike Social Media, for your blog you should have a separate social media account presence where you can build your blog community and engage with them.

How to Leverage Social Media for Blog Traffic?

Every Social Media have its own characteristics and features, you have to find and use the social media which suits you and your blog the most.

I can not comprehensively explain here what social media you should use and how you can benefit from it to grow your blog and drive traffic as each one of it requires a separate course but I will here give you brief summary of all popular social media and their characteristics and you can get the idea.

Facebook: Facebook is responsible for 65.36% more of all social media traffic combined per month than all other social network.

At Facebook we have face book pages and groups, the idea here is to join different blogging groups in your niche and become an active member of the community who actively participate in discussions and commenting to build relationships with other bloggers and their audience and ultimately drive them to your own blog.

Later on you can build your own group and page for your audience to keep them engaged with you on social media and to know them better and to solve their problems in a more effective manner.

Pinterest: One thing that is very special and most powerful about Pinterest is that its not just a social media platform where you just build relationships with blogging community but its also a visual search engine where people can search you and you can drive audience to your through your creative infographics.

Every pin has a link to website, unlike other social networks which don’t provide such leverage, which ultimately becomes your source of instant traffic to your blog.

Ultimately its getting popular among online businesses for medium for getting instant traffic and its my favourite social media channel to get traffic to your blog fast especially if you are a beginner as its still less competitive and cheap comparatively to other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn..

You can get drive tons of relevant traffic to your blog if you use Pinterest use effectively.

The mechanism is simple and easily understandable, all you need to know is how to create catchy and effective pins for your post and pin them to the relevant boards, follow popular boards in your niche and their followers and they will follow you and Ultimately come to your blog where you can make them your subscriber and convert.

LinkedIn: If your blog is related to business and employment related topics then LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to build connections with your relevant community as you can have as many as 30000 connections to your account. And you can write, post and share your posts on LinkedIn and link back your posts to your blog in order to drive traffic to it.

You can post directly on LinkedIn through LinkedIn direct publishing platform known as Pulse, which is a kind of hub of news and articles related to business and employment.

Tip: As they get lot of content, so to get their attention and notify your post connect their content management team by tweeting them to pitch your article @linkedinpulse.

Twitter: Twitter actually make followers or fans, you can use twitters for your followers to engage them by answering their queries. You can follow top bloggers or influencers in your niche and build relationships with them to grow your blog as discussed above in linking with influencers.

5. Enable Social Media Sharing

Add social sharing buttons of your targeted social media at different places on your blog to let your visitors share your content easily.

‘Sharing is Caring’, Ask your readers to share your content if they like it and feel, it can help others like them.

It will not only bring more traffic and subscribers to your blog but also spread a positive word of mouth for your blog as brand, also you build social relationships with your readers who can become your brand ambassador.

Bonus Tip: You can setup all your social media accounts link address using Yoast Plugins by Going through its setup wizard. Next you can using following plugins to integrate You social media sharing buttons on your blog.

Plugins for Social Media Sharing

You can very easily install these sharing icons by installing the following powerful social sharing plugins.

Social Snap

This plugin does far more than just adding sharable quote boxes. It’s a full on social sharing plugin that comes

WordPress Social Sharing Plugin – Sassy Social Share Most Used Free Plugins with Slickest, Simplest and Optimized Share buttons. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, WhatsApp and over 100 more.


Successful bloggers are not active on every social media platforms as it takes lot of their time they try to figure out the most effective one and which works best for their blogging business especially where they find massive target audience, so you should also follow the same strategy and a key tip is to develop expertise in the most effective platform and stick to it..

I recommend you to become an expert of Pinterest that have dual properties of social media as well as visual search engine that can drive tons of traffic to your blog.


The biggest takeaway of this post is that you have to manage both On page and Off page SEO in order increase your blog search and to raise your search engine rankings especially Google Rankings. Especial initially 100 keywords plan with high volume, low competition and high CPC will help you build you content plan for a year. Next getting high Domain Authority links to your blog will give your blog high search ranking and lastly social outreach will drive massive from different social media platforms. Thus this holistic strategy will prove a Master key for your blog traffic boost.

Congratulations! For making up till here. Hope for you that most of your traffic problem will be solved now.

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