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Affiliate Marketing

One day Ali (My College Friend) said to me, have you heard the story of a man, who started an online business with no money down and he is now a popular multi-millionaire….??

“I don’t wana listen another crap story as already have heard many before”, I said while playing game on my mobile.

Adding to my surprise… He continued, “You know what…? He is not the only one…. There are many others too….!”

“& you can also make millionaire business online with no money down..!”

I paused…… the game… And turned to him…

Looking at his face (with a bit curiosity)

I said,

“Hey listen! What the shit you are talking about, stop kidding with me at this time….

Don’t you know I am already going through serious financial crisis and I m not in a joke mood at all..”

With a rude tone I asked Ali, “How its possible……and who are they.. ?”

He looked at me confidently and said, “Thats why I am telling you that,… I know you’re in crisis.

I just want to help you..

Its an idea for you………..

It’s also proven business model with so many successes now…!

And I want to share it with you, it may appeal you, as I know you are struggling with your current business and you want to switch it and you are looking for something new and that is also outstanding ….

Thats why I wana share this story to you, may it help you get out of crisis too… I know you can do it because you got the  guts.”

Then he told me the whole story and most importantly showed me the proofs… The idea clicked me and today I am here in front of you in form of this blog ‘TheDreamBlogger’

And Guess, whose success story it was…?

He was Darren Rowse of Problogger.com who had been used to work in a church, in early 2000s, it was until one day he got an email to checkout a blog, from their an idea clicked his mind to start his own blog as it was a place where he can openly write about his ideas and viewpoint about life. In this way he started his own an online blog just as a hobby. Later he came to know he can make money from it, so he start taking it seriously and today he is a multi-millionaire blogger living with financial freedom and success .

I starting looking for the more stories like Problogger and luckily found many other bloggers who had very inspiring success stories. These stories were enough for me as valid proof to makeup my mind.

I came to know that all these successful bloggers had gone through  severe crisis but they didn’t give up and they pull themselves up. They successfully built their riches under the roof of sweat and tears by following their dreams and making the impossible possible.

Today they are living their dream life with financial freedom and success.

To name a few who inspired me are :Pat Flynn, Jeff Bulas, Rae Hoffman, Ryan Robinson, Brian Clark, Amy Porterfeild, Alex and Lauren, Sara Titus, John Morrow, John Lee Dumas.


They all followed a similar path to success, a same line of business model which requires almost no money to start.But a very high potential business in itself, which once you establish, open many other doors of riches and success.

Now I am sharing this model with you , I know you can also do it…… Not all of you!

But the one who are committed to burn the boats…..work their butt off…

In this post I am going to show you how you can start a solid business with no money down and convert it into a millionaire online business…

The thing which I am going to tell is the land on which all the above successful people built their multimillion business empire.

Similarly you can start your business like them to live your dream life…

Now coming to the point, I will not hold it anymore…..

This great business model is a ‘professional blog that makes money’ that you can start just under $100.

And  initially you start making money from your blog, from a very powerful thing known as …

Affiliate Marketing”!

All you need is to do it the right way, which I am going to tell you in this post, Nothing can stop you to achieve success via this business model except your laziness.

This is not a get rich quick philosophy, it requires consistency and hardwork.

And if you are not willing to put these efforts , than you should stop dreaming about living a dream life with  a blogging career.

In this post I will tell you how you can start your on online business with no money and make money with Affiliate Marketing, which can open avenues of earning four to five figures a month leading to six figures or more within a a year or less. Ultimately building a millionaire empire for you..

Here I will teach you all about affiliate marketing and how to do it the right way so that you can accurately lay the foundation of your millionaire business…

This is not only just a ‘how to article’ about affiliate marketing, rather I will guide you the right way to do it and tell you the secrets of success via affiliate marketing leading to multi million dollar business….

So Lets Start…..



        Main Contents Of This Post are:

    1. What is Affiliate Marketing?

    2. Affiliate Marketing Process, How It works?

    3. Practical Guide To Affiliate Marketing


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is simply selling other people products by mentioning them in a valuable manner in your content on your blog. ( A blog informal website that act as your online place where people come to learn and buy from you ).

Two Key Things:

Before Going Further, As a beginner, Let me clear you about two key important things that you should have accomplished before going to make money from affiliate marketing.

These are the foundations of affiliate marketing business model, without these two things you can’t succeed.

I know you are committed to earn money and have dreams to become a multi-millionaire in future then you should work your best to build them first as they are pre requisites of Affiliate Marketing to work. These two things are:

1. A Blog in Specific Niche: A niche is a main topic or category which your blog talks about and your blog is recognised via your niche. For instance a fitness blog, a herbal beauty tips blog, a fashion blog, a travel blog etc..

But there are few Niches in which you can earn upto million dollar a year. These are known as ‘Millionare Blog Niches’. 

I have FREE GUIDE to find Your own ‘Million Dollar Blog Niche’


2. Blog Traffic: is the real human visitors to your blog. Traffic is the foundation on which your all blog success depends. Without blog traffic* your blog is nothing. The higher the traffic on your, the higher you can make money from it.

*Note: To monetize your blog you need to Drive only targeted traffic to your blog: Its the people who are interested in your niche and are facing problems related to your niche and are looking for valuable solutions from  blogs like yours. 

To Learn How To Get Massive Traffic To Your Blog or Increase Traffic of Your You can Join My $2000 Million Dollar Course For FREE. 

Blogging and affiliate marketing go hand in hand, and this is the business model which I will discuss here exclusively. This is also the success model of the Darren Rowse of Problogger and all other multi-millionaire bloggers, a few, I have mentioned above.

Here I have got a very Petty Advice For You… Which I am following too..

If You Want To Achieve Success, Model The One Who Has Got It”

(Tony Robbins)

The blogging business model with affiliate marketing is the beginner model that will not only make enough money for you but it can lead you towards a multi millionaire business as it evolves.

Another key benefit of blogging which I love the most is that it grooms your personality through your own personal Development and selfawareness. It develops powerful skills in you such as goal setting, communication skills, organizing skills, time management skills, copywriting skills and to the very generous it makes you a gentleman who not only  think about success of  ownself but also help others in achieving it. That’s what I am trying do with my blog.

If you don’t have a blog, don’t worry I have also figure it out for you, here you can Start A Blog for free.

With Blue Host as low as $3.95 with a free domain name.

Bluehost is the very reliable and best hosting for beginners and it has the ability to grow with your business.

Coming Back to affiliate-marketing, As I said Affiliate Marketing is simply selling the products or services of other companies or merchants on your blog.

All you have to do is to learn it how to do it the right way that I will show in here.. So keeping reading till end and you will definitely figure it out.


Affiliate Marketing How It Works:

There are usually three parties in affiliate marketing

  1. Advertiser: Its the parent company or merchant who’s products or services you want to sell as an affiliate and in return they reward you with commissions, sales percentages etc.
  2. Affiliate Marketer: Its you, who sell the merchants product on your blog through various content marketing tactics.
  3. Target Audience : They are your those blog visitors to whom you want to serve with your content. Who over time can convert to your prospective customers , so that you could you sell or refer the affiliate products.

Process of Affiliate Marketing:

Product & Seller:

As an Affiliate Marketer you have to select your niche related products and the relevant merchants (company) to work with, and sign up with them as an affiliate, after signing up, you get guide lines of your affiliation ship with the merchant including how to sell the product or products (if the are many) , tools or widgets which you can use to market the products like banners, logos etc..

You may also get your own Affiliate dashboard on merchant site, where, after logging in you can track your performance like sales and referrals, the commission or income earned etc.

The most important of all, you get a ‘unique affiliate link’ for your affiliate account , which you have to place on your blog whenever you want to sell or refer the merchants product in your blog’s content.


This ‘unique affiliate link’ is known as ‘cookie’ which is responsible for tracking your affiliate sales for the seller,. Every time a sale is refer with your cookie, it is notified on the sellers website.

Example of Cookie:


This cookie has a specific life period, for instance 24 hours or 20 days or 4 months etc as setup by the merchant or seller for sales completion. It means if a visitor purchase from your affiliate merchant in this time period you get the commission or reward with your link.


And as soon as the customer purchase via your affiliate link, your affiliate account is credited with sales by the merchant and you earn the commission or profit (that is pre-defined in your agreement with merchants).

Affiliate Networks:

Other than directly approaching the seller or merchant your self, you can also take help of well reputable affiliate networks, these networks act as a middlemen between you(affiliate marketers) and the advertisers (seller) .

You can find wide range of affiliate products in different niches on these networks , you can select the products which can fit well on your blog for affiliate marketing.

The only difference here is, you get affiliate earnings from the affiliate networks rather then the direct sellers.

The tracking process is same as above with cookies.

One popular example is :Amazon Affiliates or Amazon Associates.. More on affiliate networks, is coming up later in here, stay tuned…!

Now as you have got an overview of affiliate marketing process, let us now dig deep to know how to benefit from the process in the right way.



Now I will teach You How To Start Your Own Affiliate Marketing with this super practical guide…

Need Your Attention here!!

After Going through this guide, you will be set to become an excellent affiliate marketer.. Rest is upto you.. How well and seriously you do it.

  In this guide, You will learn how to:

    • Get Smart From Scratch

    • Select Right Affiliate Products

    • Approach Merchants and Affiliate Networks + The 4 Best Networks

    • Follow The Rules and Use Disclaimers

These  tactics are being used continuously by the multi-millionaire bloggers and affiliate marketers to earn millions of dollars every month. You will hardly Find them all at one place on Internet, I have gathered them especially for you here after a lot of research, so keep reading till end.

Smart From Scratch

Smart From Scratch means that you start your affiliate journey in the right way and right direction.

“Its not the speed which counts, its the direction which counts”

No matter how fast you go, unless your direction is not right you will never reach your destination.

In affiliate marketing journey, the right direction and the right way is based on two things, you have to remain constant on these two things as follows:

  1. Provide Value

  2. Recommend Only Right Product

Provide Value: As discussed earlier, affiliate marketing works best with blogging business model and blogging is successful when you always provide valuable content to your audience. By doing this, your blog becomes credible in the eyes of your audience and you get continuous traffic on your blog.

While providing valuable content, you are in the best position to recommend  affiliate products..

Now here comes the point (ii)….

Recommend Only Right Products:

Which products you should recommend…?

That’s a big and most valid question.

You should only recommend the product related to your niche. 

The best way to refer affiliate products is to build your Content around it.

By providing value you become credible in your audience eyes and they begin to trust upon you & your referred affiliate products because they think the product you are recommending them will also provide value. 

Consider the following example

For Instance, You will never go to a dentist for abdomen pain, fever, headache, cholera, diabetes etc. nor you will accept her recommendation of any prescription or medicine… Why??

Because she is different area specialist that is teeth though she is a doctor but she is doctor in different niche.

Same is the case with blogging and affiliate marketing, you cannot refer other niches products as an affiliate because people will not consider your advice credible as its not your niche.

Hope You Got the point…!


How To Select Right Products To Boost Your Affiliate Sales

As I told earlier you have to refer your niche related products for affiliate marketing.

Now keeping this point in your mind, here are some tips for you to select affiliate products to promote:

    • Select those products which you have used or tested your self and you have good experience with them and you feel they will help your audience in the best way in solving their problems. Here you will be more confident in promoting them as you can share your own personal experience with the product.
    • In case you have not used the affiliate products your self then first research about the affiliate product you are considering to refer. Promote only those products which have the best reviews and user experience and they solve your audience problems with the best value. In this way you will  not only make money but also you will gain credibility and trust of your readrrs due to which they will get fond of your referrals and will buy more and also promote your content.
    • Find those merchants which have good track record for affiliate pay back so that you may not get discouraged in the end by promoting them.
    • Most important : Don’t select products on the basis of greed or lucrative commissions, if you feel the product is not good, or you don’t know about it or you know its not that worth money to buy, you should not refer it no matter how luring its commission structure is. If you will do this, you can break the trust of your audience and weaker the relationships with them ultimately you will loose your credibility this will effect your whole affiliate marketing and blogging.

Affiliate Products Selection Table(1.1)

Affiliate Marketing Table

(Bonus Tip: As soon as you build your credibility you can ask your customers to share the product to the one who you feel can benefit from it via your affiliate link, this will multiply your earnings)

Key Takeaway:

While selecting affiliate products keep in mind your audience benefits first, second your own credibility and lastly good reputation of merchant pay out.


Approaching Affiliate Merchants or Advertiser Companies

Direct Approach:

You can Contact the Merchants and Companies directly on their website where they have mention for the affiliate program by the name of:

    • Affiliates
    • Affiliate Program
    • Work With Us
    • Partner Program etc.

Some times, companies don’t mention their affiliate programs explicitly on their website, but they are waiting for the people to contact them for affiliate programs, as soon as you contact them they send you the details.

In other cases, the merchants have set affiliate programs

Indirect Approach:

Another way, that is the more popular way near merchants and  the affiliate marketers is joining popular affiliate networks which act as a middleman for both of the parties.

Affiliate Networks are more popular because they smooth the process and remove the processing hassle for both of the parties. As for merchants don’t have to track and manage commissions for each affiliate marketer separately because the job is taken by the affiliate network.

On the other hand you, the affiliate marketers can easily find their niche products from the networks’ niches list and also get other technical facilities to market affiliate products (like in some cases one affiliate link for all affiliate products through that specific network).

Moreover affiliate marketers are in peace of mind with the networks regarding worries about the commissions and sellers credibility.


The main shortcomings of affiliate networks is that affiliate marketers may get comparatively less commissions while marketing affiliate products through these networks as compared to direct approach with merchants.

Best 4 Affiliate Networks To Join As A Beginner

You can just go through these networks and select the one which you like the most. I have also mentioned how to guides for these wonderful affiliate networks.

They are really a great way to start your affiliate marketing business, if you are just starting now.

Before going through the guides you should continue the post till end.

Here I have listed the best reputable affiliate networks as follows :

  1. Click Bank   Know More about ClickBank, here is the best guide on Clickbank
  2. ShareASale   Here is ShareASale affiliate Guide for free guide
  3. CJ Affiliate    Here is Your Best Guide For CJ Affiliate
  4. Amazon Associates  For You The best Guide on Amazon Associates



Follow The Rules

You have to follow the standard rules of business, here I mean the legal requirements according to your country. In US you have to follow FTC requirements, in Europe its GDPR.

One Rule is common standard for affiliate marketing that is using disclosure or disclaimer on your blog explicitly.

You have to tell your readers that you are mentioning your affiliate links in your blog content, any purchase via these links will earn you commissions.

Nothing wrong is with this approach, as it displays your honesty and improves your credibility also.

You can mention the disclaimers on the top of each blog post or whenever you mention an affiliate product or within your post while mentioning affiliate products.

Legally you must also have a disclaimer page, privacy policy, terms and conditions page on your blog.



Q&A Sessions

  1. Why company/merchants look for affiliate marketers as  they themselves can sell products?

Ans: They cannot sell them selves as well as affiliate marketers can do because:

  • They are Still Seller in the eyes of people, Not Mentors or Valuable Bloggers.
  • They don’t have the independent value content or blog like you;
  • They don’t have the targeted audience like you bloggers have;
  • Finally They don’t have to do all this work, as there are affiliates like you, available for doing this job done in a effective manner which they don’t mind to pay for.

2. What is the Thumbrule of Affiliate Marketing:?

Ans: There is no as such thumb-rule for it, you must be continually learning new things especially learn from your niche influencers how they do it.

There are two things which I learned from these influencers, these things are stellar for your affiliate marketing :

    1. Your Content Must Provide Independent Value: means it does not look as a promotional content instead your content should fit your affiliate products in a natural way that it does not give a salesy tone. And your content must provide value to your audience irrespective of your affiliate products.
    2. Promote Affiliate Products as Your best recommendations. As discussed above in how to select right affiliate product, you should not fear to recommend a valuable product.

3. What products you should market as affiliate?

Ans: Already discussed above but at a glance:

The Products which are:

  • Are related to  your niche;
  • relevant to your audience;
  • directly solves their problems;
  • and you have personal experience with them.

4. Which products you should not market as affiliate?

Ans: All those products that can affect your credibility such as:

  1. Products which are not related to your niche and irrelevant for your audience.
  2. The products in your niche which are not good and more expensive than the value they provide.

The products which you have not used or tested your self and you have no idea of their quality and value.

5. How Many Products You should market as affiliate?

Ans: As such their is no  limit, but as a beginner you should focus on 5 to 10 quality products and create content around them.

6. Which one is more better approach for affiliate marketing as a BEGINNER, Network or Direct Seller?

Ans: In my opinion in the beginning you should go for affiliate network mentioned above later on you can mix-up things.

7. How much I can earn from affiliate Marketing?

Ans: If you follow things discussed above and implement the right strategy according to the situation with your audience, you can easily make a minimum $1000 and which have the potential to convert into five or six figures as you grow your blog traffic and authority grows.

8. How To Start A blog and do Affiliate Marketing in Highly Competitive Niche?

Ans: Start a blog like pro and stick to two point strategy to dive into a competitive niche with the following two principles. You will automatically make your place in your niche.

  1. High Quality Valuable Content: Provide high quality valuable and engaging content on your blog that seriously solves your audience problems.
  1. Unique Positioning Of Your Blog That is what makes you different from others, what value you offer that others don’t. You have to wisely design your positioning strategy by analyzing your competitors and finding a value gap then promote your positioning to your audience as your distinctive value which only your blog provides..

9. How much responsible is the affiliate marketer in providing after sale services, and warranties?

Ans: That is a very plus point for affiliate marketers. They bear no responsibility of the products warranty or after sales services or other technicalities.

They are just responsible for suggestions and valuable recommendations and the buyer already knows that.

But you affiliates have to take care of your own reputation and credibility in this process.



It will be not late when you will have your own story to tell to people like the one Ali told me… All You need is to do it the right way, with right spirit, consistency, hard work and confidence.

Nothing is Impossible unless there is not a single person who has done it…Making $10k or $100k per month, all is possible in affiliate marketing world and there is ton of proof out there.

AFFILIATE-MARKETING IS NOT Easy job. You Have To Work Your Butt Off To Achieve Success.

I have tried to guide you in best way for affiliate marketing. Hope you got the points.

I would love to know your comments what strategy you will follow for your affiliate marketing and in what niche…?? Make your comments so that we can make it a useful discussion, tell about what other things you like to know about affiliate marketing.

It’s very important also! Subscribe to my email list for latest affiliate marketing and blogging updates and do share this post on social media may it help someone out there struggling.


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