My Story: How I Started My Way To Financial Freedom

Hi, My name is Imran Sheikh and I am the founder of TheDreamBlogger.com

I don’t know where to start from as every blogger has his/her own story, I have my story which is also different. I just want to share it with you as my life experience.

Lost in search of ideal career still after 12 years of professional business life along with strong educational background of Business Management Studies, I was struggling to find a business which could also be my passion or the work I would enjoy to do.


Why I Started The Dream Blogger?


Until one day, The lady of luck knocked at my door and placed my dream business at my doorstep, that day I found the way out, I found what I was exactly looking for… It was a combination of two opposite full time professional lines which I thought could never be combined in one place these were as follows:

  1. Remote Business: Automated Remote Business With Passive Income Streams leading Financial Freedom.
  2. Motivational Mentor: To Make A Difference in Others Life by Helping Them Achieving Their Dream Life.

Luckily both of these I found in one thing it was the day I got familiar with Business of Blogging.

Earlier I was familiar with the blogging term but have never gone through it deeply, as I thought it was technical field for software developers.

But later when I discovered the blogging business it was the best thing I discovered in my whole professional life.

Hence I founded TheDreamblogger and named it after my journey of discovering my dream business.

There are other things related to this name which I will also share with you in a moment. But first I want to share with you the how I found the above two things in blogging :

Remote Business:

I was looking for a business system, which was fully remote and automated that has the ability to generate multiple passive income streams to lay of my financial worries forever, that once built, free me from running the typical work rat race of 9 to 5 till retirement which I ultimately found in blogging.

Blogging is an automated remote business, built on a system that have the ability to generate multiple passive income streams and it continuously grows with your blog, ultimately leading to financial freedom where you don’t have to trade your time for money and live life by you own terms. I have discovered this miracle of blogging as it has already done it for many and is still doing and will be doing it in future also if done in the right way.

I discovered this beautiful field of blogging business by going through the success stories of bloggers, most of whom are making six figures and seven figures dollars per month with multi-millions in wealth that has open many other avenues of fortune for them and most surprisingly, the beauty of their blogging is that they are helping others also to do so and I am one of the example in front of you. All things which i learned in blogging I have put in my 7 days free blogging course that enables you to start your own blog that can earn even a million dollar a year.



I learned how to create a business online, where you can sell either others digital products through affiliate marketing or sell your own digital products and services with multiple other ways to earn passive income.

This income stream of cash flow, never miss out from going into your account without a second thought, from the very first day of sales no matter whether you are present there or not, either you are traveling to discover the beauty of nature on earth or you are enjoying your life with your family with freedom of time whenever you want and wherever you want.

Or either you are parenting your three naughty sons like me who are desperately asking for your attention in horrible work routine of 9 to 5, frankly speaking mine was 11.30am to 10.30pm (more pathetic then the former). When I used to come back to home they had been sleeping and when they woke up in the morning to go to school they found me sleeping..(Such a piss it was! )

Personal Development Trainer

The second thing which I wanted to do in my career was teaching others and helping them to achieve their dream by becoming what they want to be, or by helping them to live a healthy and better life through personal development and self-awareness, which I myself was also very curious of.

Another reason for doing this is, I am a strong believer in Al-Mighty God, Who want His people to set best examples for humanity by being the best human among them.

I wanted to teach how to become the best examples for humanity by teaching the philosophy of great personalities who are financially stable and are on the mission to serve the humanity without any discrimination irrespective of the religion, race, cast or colour.

This second thing to my surprise I also found in blogging world.

Along with these two major problems which I learned how to solve through blogging, I also learned many other things on bonus like self organizing, time management, socialization etc.

The great thing which I learned from blogging is how to build a business that flourishes by solving the problems of other people by providing them valuable solutions and considering their problems as your own. The more bigger your network becomes in solving problems the more valuable you become in the eyes of others and the more they pay back you by becoming your grateful and thankful customers…

See how wonderful this is…..

I recommend you to Start a Blog as a side hustle so that you can make passive income that will lead you to financial freedom…

Here is my free email course to Start a Million Dollar Blog the right way.

What is Blogging?

Now you will be thinking (if you don’t know). WHAT IS BLOGGING? How It works as a business? Who is it for?

What is Blogging or Blogging Business?

A blog is simply an individual informal website of a blogger who share his/her life experiences regarding work, home, personal life, professional life or any other information related human beings lives.

Considering the above definition in mind, blogs can be further divided into two categories:

1.Non business Blogs: These type of blogs are usually created by bloggers who do blogging just as their hobby, they don’t want to or in some cases they don’t know how to make money from their blogs.

2. Business Blogs: These are the blogs which are a complete business on their self, that make money as other businesses do, require capital, hardwork, consistency and a fair time of 2 to 3 years at least to reach a desirable state that provide handsome passive income streams. This blog, ‘The Dream Blogger’ belong to this category.

As far as capital is considered that is negligible as compared to other businesses. We can say it’s a mighty real business with no money down,, it takes hardly $100 to $200 to built a professional business blog that makes money online but it requires $1000 to $5000 at back to really take your blog to the next level that you will learn in my free blogging course.

Can I Depend On Blogging To Live My Dream Life of Financial Freedom and Abundance?

This was one of two important questions that I asked from my self when I decided to do blogging as a full time profession. The second question is coming up next right after this answer.

Yes! Blogging Makes Money its the truth and reality and it not only makes a nominal amount of money rather it has the potential to convert into a real multi- million dollars business. I was perfectly convinced when I completed my research on it…

Here are some of the influential and inspirational multi-million bloggers who have made it through and are continuous inspiration for new comers, but before going through these success stories, first take the answer of 2nd question which I asked from my self which is more important than this former that is coming right after the names of these inspirational bloggers below.

Darren Rowse of Problogger, Pat Flynn of Smartpassiveincome, Tim Sykes of Timothysykes, Brian Clark of Copyblogger, Amy PorterfieldRae Hoffman of Sugarrae, MelyssaGriffinMarie Forleo of Mariefolio, Sayed Balkhi of Wpbeginner, Harsh Agarwal of Shoutmeloud, NeilpatelJohn le Dumas of Enterprenuers On Fire, John Morrow of Smartblogger.

Is Blogging Right For Me Or Not?

After getting the answer of above question, the second question was much harder and intriguing. Then I started figuring out perquisites of blogging and I found them in the following 5 things:

  1. Passion For Reading and Writing;
  2. Passion For Teaching and Communication (either audio, video or written);
  3. Self Organization and Self Development;
  4. Willingness To Work Extra Hard;
  5. Getting Social and Building Relationships.

I found my self lucky in the first four but the last was a difficult thing for me as being an introvert, it was a very difficult thing for me to adapt. But as I begin to reach out to the blogging community to build my own community around my blog, I found many others like me.

Interesting thing was that most of the people in the community were willing to build a relationship with you and help you in achieving your Blogging goals, accept some of the rotten eggs which are present everywhere.

Now coming to you people, if you my friends have inspiration to blogging business then before diving in, you must answer the above two questions to your self and you must validate your blog business idea before starting your blog.

How To Start Blogging In 2020 and beyond? What is the Right Way?

Now if you have the positive answers of the above questions. You are ready to start your blog and I have a Free 7 DAYS COURSE for you on how to start your professional blog and make money from questions (Mention Your post or Course link here)

You may still have a valid question of how to start blogging in 2020 and beyond as there are millions of blogs now, isn’t the blogging market much saturated then ever?.

You can also check in more detail in here for Is it right time to start blogging in 2020?

But for now here is your answer…

Yes you are right the market is saturated with more than 600 millions blogs with billions of posts every month, but isn’t it the true for other businesses they all are in more saturated markets like departmental stores, Grocery stores, restaurants, fast foods, electronics, construction, real estate and tons of other services businesses.

So saturation is not the problem here, The real problem is getting success and doing it in the right way ( Is Blogging In 2020 Articles here)

As among millions of blog only 20% are those who are able to make a living with it and only 4% reach the top level but same thing can be applied to other businesses for instance there are millions of restaurants or fast food in the world but there are few who are able to grow like McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King.. Why is it so?

Here comes the difference, this difference has led me to form TheDream blogger.com, Here I teach how to start a million dollar blog as a side hustle I’m the right way.

What is Special About TheDreamBlogger ?

The specialty of ‘TheDreamBlogger’ is that it’s not only just another blog on  “how to make money from a blog” blog, but it also tell you about believing in your dreams or foreseeing a big picture of yourself, your future life and profession and achieving it by utilizing your hidden strengths and powers that Al-Mighty God has bestowed to us.

All those big businesses (offline or online) or big personalities (business or in any other field) out there have made the difference by doing two things

  1. Dreaming Big
  2. Working in Right Direction with Personal Development and Self-awareness.

Due to these two things they are able to beat the competition and have make the difference in their respective domains.

Here at TheDreamBlogger, I will try to help the one who want to make money online via blogging business or via side hustles and for the one who want to become a inspiring big star in any field.

Working With Me! 

For Content Marketers, Online Entrepreneurs I Offer Following Services Exclusively :

    • SEO Content Writing;

    • Onpage & Off Page SEO services;

    • Content Marketing Planning With 100% Proven Strategies;

    • Freelancing Projects For Complete Online Business Setup (Including Business Analysis and Idea Validation, Website Development and Design, E-commerce Integration and more).

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